I No Longer Speak With My Ex-Wife—K-Solo

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Much has been said about the quality of songs being churned out today, the general consensus is there's an overwhelming amount of crappy songs making the rounds at the moment. Sadly, the drop in quality is justified in some circles as being forced on the artistes since that's what the fans “want to hear.” But is this really true? Are the fans to blame? The truth is most artistes that say this are on the defensive, especially new artistes.

Ace music producer, K Solo, in an exclusive chat with Nollywoodgists.com disclosed that he does not really think or accept the saying that commercial beats or music sells more than lyrics in Nigeria.

K Solo explained that the artistes going into commercial music only observed that was the trend in the country which is now widely accepted and as such, they continue to dish out quality sounds. “When you are in Rome, act like the Romans.”

Speaking on the longevity of the songs been attached to these commercial beats, the producer explained that some of the commercial beats still has good lyrics with it but only those with poor beats will fade out in no time.

Clearing the air on any lingering issue about his marital life, the producer stated that though he wants to keep his family life private but revealed that his ex-relationship is past and would not like to associate with it as it is a failure which is why it is called past.

According to him, “That's a little more private and like I said earlier no more on anything ex. It's over 2years am in a new home and happily blessed. I am only her get more noise. Ex is failure and that's why it's called past.”

On the paternity of his reported child with Kike, K solo noted that she could have custody of the child till whenever God wants.

He revealed that his much anticipated album will be out by 2015 which will be a collaboration with all artistes he has worked with including rapper, Ruggedman, Timaya and many others. He also disclosed that he is currently working with wave of the moment, Patoranking.