Nigerian Kids Needs to Understand their Cultures…….Jimi Solanke Advises

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Olujinmi Adesoye Solanke, Jimi Solanke for short, is one Nigerian in many fields. A prolific playwright, renowned poet, peculiar folk singer and a gifted fine artist, has been able to win the hearts of many especially the kids with him singing and story telling ability.

He warmed himself to the hearts of many through his various children programmes, especially Story-land which used to be very prominent on government and privately owned television stations in Nigeria.

The artist revealed that what pushed him into dealing with children programmes, is to help teach the children while growing about the various cultures.

He stated that he got drawn to them, especially when he travelled to America and saw the way the Europeans put a lot of beneficial inputs into their kiddies programmes and got motivated by their lifestyle. “The intention was to replay any part of this nation with the deep knowledge of that part. We tried to make it culturally, educational and morally rich.”

Jimi noted that just like the way other countries have their cultures which are being respected, the Nigerian children needs to understand their cultures as it will help shaping their way of behavior which is getting bad as the day goes by.