Kalu Has Been Vindicated As Court Stops Abia PDP Primaries

By Rubby Obinna
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The former Governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu knew it and kept away from little minds in Abia State that were bent on belittling his ambitions. Mind you, Kalu is a man who sees tommorrow before it comes. Kalu is a great spirit that has always encountered violent opposition from mediocre and little minds in Abia State. Kalu has always rated himself the first version of himself, and he is always the first.

Some sycophants in the government of Governor Theodore Orji were calling for his head when he was telling the world of the rot that has characterised his home state of Abia. When he rejoined the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) sometime in 2012 or so, it could be remembered that the Governor of Abia State, led some stakeholders of the party that comprised some senators from the state to the PDP's national body in Abuja to stop Kalu from rejoining the party.

But like a very popular man that Kalu always is, their move did not hold waters. The likes of Senators Uche Chukwumereji (Abia North), Nkechi Nwaogu (Abia Central), and Enyinnaya Abaribe (Abia South) were very much in support of the governor to 'deal' with Kalu. They were not clairvoyance that what turns around, comes around, as today the same governor they were stooges to have set on a mission to pocket the state PDP and they are now crying wolf, because the current power-sharing formula of the Abia State PDP was not going to favour them, therefore they have turned to petition and letter writers in order for higher authorities in the party to look into the problem in the Abia State PDP.

They are now saying that the authorities should see and regard as illegal the committee that was set up by the state Chairman of the party, Senator Emma Nwaka to overseeing how the party's primaries are conducted in the state. They are just seeing this today, but several times that Kalu was drawing the attention of the world to the plight, many people had thought that he was a troublemaker, which he is not.

The three senators who have not used their constituencies' funds judiciously since a decade that some of them are in the House, are not ashamed that they are just seeing the chameleon in the governor. They have gone to cry like kids before the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the party's National Working Committee to help them; something that Kalu had singlehandedly been fighting and the same senators were among the persons that had been fighting Kalu for always bringing the ills of the governor in the state to the public.

Over allegations that the state chapter of the primaries election committee has compiled a list of names favoured for the forthcoming congresses and primaries for respective elective positions, Senators Uche Chukwumerije, Enyinnaya Abaribe and Nkechi Nwaogu in the petition dated October 28, 2014, and signed by the three lawmakers, challenged that the opus of the party disregarded sections 31 (1), (2, J), (3), 25 (1) of the PDP's constitution 2012, as amended.

The senators were just waking from sleep, after Governor Orji have used and dumped them. Before it was reported that a Federal Capital Territory High Court in Abuja has quashed the committee, Kalu had admonished that nobody should go to that committee for anything, for that would amount to a mere waste of time.

He had hinged his point, saying that Abia people were law abiding, that's why they were calling on the NWC of the party to look into the illegality that was playing out in Abia State. He drove the nail harder that nobody should arrogate to himself, powers he had not, powers that only belonged to the NWC and it was only that body that would decide who should or should not contest election.

It is a disgrace how some persons can change automatically when some issues do not benefit them like we are seeing in the senators. Kalu would say that where have you seen such committee set up in any of the states of the federation? Why must things be done the wrong way in Abia State? Things will no longer be allowed to go the wrong way in the state.

Kalu had further said that the move by the state PDP had no place in the party's constitution. In his belief, Kalu had said that the setting up of the committee was a way of telling those who Governor Orji would not want to contest the election, to stay away from the 2015 elections. It was discernible that the Chairman of PDP in the state, Senator Emma Nwaka, had in Umuahia, inaugurated the committee headed by the Deputy Chief of Staff, Government House, Umuahia, Charles Ogbonna, Governor Theodore Orji's cousin.

With a Federal Capital Territory High Court in Abuja stopping the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, from going ahead with its plan to conduct ward congress election in Abia State on November 1, it has been justified that Kalu was not raising a false alarm that Governor Orji was out for something odious in the Abia PDP. However, we are watching where this would end.

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