Marriage is a Burden…..Tina Mba

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actress, Tina Mba, has advised celebrities who are not prepared to stay married to stop giving excuses that are not valid.

Speaking as a celebrity guest on Jara recently, the Delta State-born actress and single mother, explained that marriage is an institution laid down by God, so it is sacred and if people can't stay serious to their marriage, they should not go into it.

Mba who has been involved in stage productions and films for over two decades, added that Marriage is a burden and has huge responsibilities and as such, anybody who is not ready for it, should not go there.

Furthermore, the veteran actress noted that marriage is not about having a lavish ceremony. But it is about the personality involved and what he/she truly feel and how the fellow tends to make it work.

According to her, "What I am saying is that if you can't keep it together, don't venture into it. People marry for different reasons. If you are an actress, a wife and a mother, you should know your responsibility is more. Because you are married, you cannot go on a movie set and start giving excuses. You know you will be losing your jobs little by little. The directors understand, so they will be giving you slacks. You do not have to kiss and hug all the time.”