BSES Suspends "Lati Inu Aka" Over Unpaid N600,000 Debt

By Lere Olayinka

Special Assistant to Governor Ayodele Fayose on Information and Social Media, Mr Lere Olayinka has ordered that one of the programmes on the State owned Radio station, Ekiti FM 91.5, "Lati Inu Aka" be suspended owing to default in payment.

Independent Producer of the Yoruba Newspaper Review programme was owing over N600,000, and Mr Olayinka said the station could not continue to accommodate the programme without the payment.

The producers only paid N600,000 out of the N1.2m quarterly payment.

Olayinka said his mandate was to make the Broadcasting Service of Ekiti State (BSES) self-sustaining, hence, all financial commitments to the organization must be honoured.

He said a situation where a single producer was indebted to the BSES to the tune of N600,000 was inimical to the growth and self-sustenance of the organisation, urging independent producers owing the organisation to pay up their debts.

Lere Olayinka
SA (Information & Social Media)
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