Exclusive! BON Awards Fallout: I Stand By My Words—Elvis Chuks Speaks

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

The Best of Nollywood (BON) 2014, awards may have come and gone with many Nollywood stars going home with various awards in various categories but how about the alleged sad tale of the event which has been in the front burner recently.

Viral reports went round the blogosphere about a statement made by the Rivers state Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, alleging that he insulted Nollywood practitioners during his speech.

The said speech has been an issue across some sections of Nollywood practitioners which has caused lots of arguments. Until recently, accusing fingers have been pointed to Nollywood actor cum producer, Elvis Chuks, as the person who gave out the information to a popular blogger for publication which is said not to have been verified.

When Nollywoodgists.com put a call through to Elvis Chuks on the said rumour, the producer denied such allegations stating that though the Governor made such assertion but he was not the one who gave the blogger the information as other celebrities were there and can attest to the incident that took place.

Meanwhile, organizers of the awards, have issued a press statement on the said issue denying that the governor never made such annoying statement about the make-belief industry.