Desperation Is The Cause Of Marriage Failures In Nollywood—Fidelis Duker

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Ace Nollywood producer, Fidelis Duker, says reasons why marriages of entertainers don't survive is as a result of the hype given to the marriage without considering the compatibility of each other which happens to be the end result.

Fidelis who has been married for 17years, stated that marriage is not about how much one spends, how many people were in attendance or how many media houses put the pictures on the front page of their newspapers. But iss basically about both parties asking themselves if the person they are with is a marriage 'material'.

According to him, “We keep hearing of marriages that were done 'hush-hush'. Why would you marry a man or a woman who has a mysterious past? If your friend or colleagues know that the person you are about to wed has a partner already, why should you still go on with such wedding? Why not do a thorough background check? But because of desperation, most marriages end up having problems both in the music and movie industry. It is because they are all desperate to get married, that is why there are so many marriage failures. I tell people that it is not everybody that would be rich and it is not everyone that would get married. People must understand that because Ms. A had her marriage in Dubai does not mean that you also have to have yours there.”

On whether money could be a key factor to a good marriage, the producer stated that It is in the past that the Igbos believed that money is everything before marriage. Noting that at the time he got married, he was already at the peak of his career.

He stated that as a young man then, he was making as much as N3 million from a film, but would keep the money under the table in his office, still living with his parents and had no apartment of his in Lagos.

The producer advised that one must realise that when they get into marriage, no matter how difficult it is, as a couple, they have to patch and manage their problems. Noting that marriages crash these days because of trivial issues that could have been avoided.