Tonto Dikeh Facing The 'Agony' of A Tomatoe Seller

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Sometimes in life, it is good to take a walk away from ones comfort zone and step into the rough side of life to taste how hardship and struggling can be especially those born with silver spoon.

'Black' they say is beautiful and there is no contest on the trueness of this statement. The Nigerian woman has been characterized as an epitome of black beauty; exhibiting so much strength, willpower and having a good portion of the Darwin's instinct for survival. Over the years, her survival has proven her to be the fittest among the Nigerian species.

An exposition into history would undoubtedly unravel many experiences that the Nigerian woman had had to go through compulsorily. A truth is that: while many politicians are deeply engrossed in their dirty chess game of politics and corruption, the average Nigerian woman daily endures the agony of her numerous struggles.
But what will one do accept to understand and have a feel of what life is all about which is why Nollywwod actress, Tonto Dikeh, has decided to attempt to sell tomatoes just to survive the economic hardship (lol).

Here is her brief message to fans;

“sometimes the very things that once made you VERY happy can turn out to be your unhappiness, When and if you do get to that stage, Darling, It's ADVISABLE TO QUIT for a while. ...PRAY,LOVE, TRAVEL,INVEST, SOUL-SEARCH, FALL IN LOVE,DO DIFFERENT THINGS, SEARCH FOR DIFFERENT JOY, INVEST YOUR MONEY, HELP PEOPLE, BUILD YOUR EMPIRE OR DREAM TO, READ, LOVE YOUR SELF, FIND HELP MEDICALLY, FIND GOD and FIND YOURSELF*YOU ARE ALL YOU HAVE GOT AND ONLY YOU CAN SAVE YOU,TRY YOUR HARDEST, DONT GIVE UP, REALISE THAT WITHOUT HAPPINESS THERE CAN NEVER BE SUCCESS**Then give your 1st love one more shot , Give it your best and be better or get the F*ck out because your unhappiness would creep back in and DEVOUR YOU**CAN'T SAY AM READY BUT I CAN TRY AGAIN #NOLLYWOOD”