I Don’t Have a Place in My Heart For 9ice…….Toni Payne

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Ex-wife of Nigerian singer, 9ice has decided to reach her fans through the fastest medium which is the social media and you will agree with me that she sure got it right.

The love doctor took out time to answer questions from fans who were curious to know what she has been up to and how she has been getting along since her breakup with her ex-husband 9ice who is now a politician.

In this brief interview, she talks about her career, relationships and her stand with her ex-husband 9ice.

Can I kiss you? — Oh my gooooish!..lol.. Nope.

can you buy me iphone 5x — why not. But only if you can buy me an Aston Martin.:)

Do you still love your ex hubby? — No!

What do you seek for in a man? — Simplicity, honesty, compassion,... the list is relative though. I could.

Ae you ready to go into another relationship? — I think I have.. lol

How did u got into entertainment industry? where u bo... — Its a passion I have always had, got really involved

How important is love in a marriage? — Very Important!

What's your take on being single at the moment? Missed being married... — this question is has a very technical answer cos its

Where state are you from and what is your zodiac sign? — Ogun... ARIES and proud to be.

Are u open to feature in movies — maybe, if i got an irresistible opportunity.. but it's not really my thing.

Did u try to patch up things with ur baby father before the final dissolution — yup!..

Was it easy to moving on after the divorce? — No. But I don't think that is peculiar to me. When you loved someone

What's your next move on marriage? — threading carefully

Who do you have a crush on? — ATM? No one off the top of my head

Do u have any secret admirer on twitter? — I have quite a handful and I appreciate them all

Would you consider yourself a love/sex therapist? Some... — well, I have helped solved a few problems hahaha

Who's your Male celebrity Crush? — Collin Farrell and sometimes Chris Brown depending on my mood

Where do you place 9ice in Ur life at the moment? — where God has placed him :)

If you could have any wild animal as a pet what would it be? — A white tiger.

Are you moving in with 9ice in the near future — No!.

Your life goal? — to be content

Your regret in life? Your place of birth and your age? tHan... — being wiser when i should have been.. the rest is jam.