There are several ways to seek relevance in life and cheap blackmail should not be your first and only option especially when a certain group of people look up to you as their voice. Incidentally, I have known Gbenga Awoyale for over 5-years and in all of these years he has never genuinely impacted in the lives of Kwara much more the Orisu- igbomina people where he domiciles as their acclaimed president. No doubt, Chief Awoyale is known to be a man who talks more than he acts taking undue delight to hide under the umbrella of the igbomina people to gain party relevance.

The heated and debated polity in the opposition camp of the Kwara PDP has quenched the frailest of hope left in the party and the bickering amongst the members soaring loudest, leaving the key loyalists who are deemed overly ambitious to leak their wound in the build up to the permutations ahead of the 2015 general election. How much of a surprise should it be to Kwarans, if Gbenga Awoyale fires on all cylinders in order to remain relevant as the party chieftain in the grand scheme of event? Ordinarily, like in the past, Awoyale's foolery could have been graciously ignored had he not meddled into issues bothering on Life and death which he has little or no knowledge of to politicise the painful demise of APC general secretary- Prince Yemi Afolayan.

Looking at Awoyale's educational background and his exploit in the PDP so far, It will not be out of order to label Awoyale a traditional illiterate who relies heavily on cheap political denigration for selfish reasons. His comment on the death of Yemi Afolayan has left the bereaving family more excruciated that they were before. This symptom of irresponsibility and inability to know the right word to spew out for certain occasion is the major albatross of the self acclaimed Igbomina President. While Awoyale is lacking in emotional intelligence, fortunately, the majority of the people he attempts to mislead are refined, cultured and sufficiently well educated to condemn his campaign of calumny in its despicable ignominy. His obsession with Bukola Saraki and the Saraki's dynasty in general has blinded him from taking stock of the reality of event. As an ardent Ilorin man who likes to travel far and wide the shores of our great State to explore nature's vale, i have never witnessed any meaningful development in Awoyale's community of Irandun or anyone for that matter to speak in commendation of any laudable development he brought to his community.

The igbomina Chief prides himself as a PDP chieftain in the region, a party of failed politicians who rely on federal might to perpetrate evil. The author and the sponsors of such heinous publications are a jealous bunch of foolish liars who are so disloyal to their own state. Awoyale and his cohort real roots are in Niger State and they will do us a lot of good if they relocate to continue in their evil machinations.

Incidentally, Niger State has produced two presidents whom he can find as role model while we focus on growing our nascent democracy in Kwara. We will resist Awoyale and anyone inclined to his parochial beliefs, any attempt to further subterfuge or incite our people will be met with a strong resistance. A word they say is enough for the wise

Written by Adekunle Apampa..

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