Lip Augmentation; Pains And Gains, Think Twice!!

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There is nothing wrong in trying to look more beautiful and sexy, but some procedures you have to go through, may make you want to think twice. Leaving the pain that comes with tattoo, pain that comes with eye lash extensions, stress that comes with going to the spa or the pain that comes with plastic surgery, you may want to look at your foot again before you think of a Lip augmentation popularly known as Pink Lips or Lip enlargement.

A Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that can give you fuller, plumper lips. These days, an injectable dermal filler is the most commonly used method of lip augmentation. This procedure always comes with side effects, but they are temporary and may only last few days. They may include:

Bleeding from the injection sites, Swelling and bruising, Redness and tenderness at the site of the injection, Severe and prolonged swelling or bruising lasting one week to 10 days, Lip asymmetry (parts of lips are different sizes), Lumps and irregularities in the lips, Infection, Injection into a blood vessel causing tissue loss, Ulceration, scarring, or stiffening of the lip, Allergic reaction causing redness, swelling, or itching around the lips and a few others.

Some persons do ask if having a lip augmentation is right but the truth is, you must first ask yourself why you want to modify your lips. You should not undergo this procedure unless you truly want to modify your appearance. If you are considering lip augmentation to make someone else happy or to try to fit an ideal image, you may want to think twice. Also, it's important to have realistic expectations about the outcome.

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