Ebola: Travellers take ibuprofen to beat airport screening says US official

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The infection control specialist, and President of Behavioral-based Improvement Solutions in Atlanta, Sean Kaufman, on Friday said people who contracted Ebola in West Africa could get through airport screenings and onto a plane.

Kaufman said that more must be done to identify infected travelers who could lie and take a lot of ibuprofen to beat the airport authorities.

“People can take ibuprofen to reduce their fever enough to pass screening, and why wouldn't they?.”

“If it will get them on a plane so they can come to the United States and get effective treatment after they're exposed to Ebola, wouldn't you do that to save your life?,”he said.

Report says on Thursday that the first Ebola patient to be diagnosed in the United States had lied on a questionnaire at the Monrovia airport about his exposure to an Ebola patient.

He flew to Brussels and then Dulles airport outside Washington, D.C., before landing in Dallas on Sept. 20.

The traveler, Thomas Duncan, had no symptoms when he left Liberia, and fever scans there had shown a normal body temperature of 97.3 degrees Fahrenheit, US health officials said.

He therefore could not have been identified through examination as carrying the Ebola virus.

His arrival and hospitalisation in Dallas have underscored how much U.S. authorities are relying on their counterparts in West African countries to screen passengers and contain the worst Ebola outbreak on record.

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