Social Media Dialogue...What Is Your Social Worth?

By Tayo Elegbede, Abeokuta

It's the tickling sound of excellence...The buzz of creativity and the chime of positive social impact.

Africa is ready to experience a massive shift in its social media landscape as thought leaders, influencers and social media experts gather in Lagos, Nigeria for the maiden Social Media Breakfast Dialogue with the theme 'Africa Outlook: Influence of Social Media in 2015'.

The Social Media Breakfast Dialogue holds today Tuesday September 30, 2014; and will also feature the unveiling of The Social Media Awards Africa 2014. This dialogue will explore the influence, impact and future of Social Media practice in Africa across governance, business, technology and other critical sectors of the continent's economy.

As the second-fastest growing continent in the world, Africa's development is networked with its ability to tap into the technological revolution of the 21st century. More than 700 million Africans have mobile phones, over 170 million have access to the internet and about 100 million are on Facebook while the continent's twitter timeline is ever restive.

This reality of an emerging social continent is what the SMAA stands to celebrate in order to deepen and broaden the sustainable continental developments.

You can join the dialogue via: @sma_africa on Twitter, Official Hashtag: #SMAA14, SMA Africa on Facebook and all major social media platforms.