Yes! I’m Very Ready For Marriage- Yinka Olukunga (Nnenna)

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

Yinka Olukunga made her debut in Wale Adenuga Production's Super-story TV series as Nnenna.

Eight years down the line, the actress, model and singer has become a household name for kids and teenagers.

The fair and beautiful TV personality reveals her future plans as well as high hopes of settling into a man's home soonest.

So, when is the wedding bell ringing?

"I don't know oh. I can't say but pretty soon. Don't worry; you'd be the first to know."

So what if he proposes now?

Sure, I will gladly accept. Why not? I'd gladly accept. Because I think I am fully ready for marriage. If marriage comes, I am good and well prepared.

He understands and also have a passion for kids, as much as you do. He knows everything about my job and what it entails.

He is not in the Entertainment sector. He is far away from the such world and circle.

As a married woman, and maybe a mother, can you still handle 'Nnenna and friends'?

Of course, I can. I am running a post-graduate program because of these children, which means I'm taking my love for children to another level. It is definitely going to be children, children, and children all the way.

Even when I would be pregnant, I will still come and stay with the children. Although some would think I'm just acting the pregnancy part but I just have to be them.

In 5 years time I want to be able to touch lives. Make people smile. I want to see a smile of fulfillment on the faces of the children that I have had encounter with. That is my satisfaction and joy. I want to be always there for the children in every positive way."

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