Actor Jnr Pope And Wife Share Their Romantic Proposal Story

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

It is no longer news that popular Nollywood Actor Jnr Pope Odonwodo and his wife Jennifer got engaged a year ago and later walked down the aisle in July in an well attended wedding held in Delta state.

However, the now happily married couple shared their very absurd but romantic proposal story on Instagram.

The wife's post read: "Before that fateful day,Esther & I had been talking & she told me that a girl/fan (Ojeah) was coming from London and she already made arrangements on a hotel where she would stay and that my man would be spending a day or two with her at d hotel. I asked Esther how she got the info, she said my man told her hubby and her hubby told her in confidence…but cz of d likeness she has for me, she wouldn't want me fooled/hurt..I was irked, I was hurt, but I was strong enough not to shed a tear…..after further inquiries ,Esther told me the girl would be coming 21st sept 2013..but my man would join her on 22nd (a day after)….I was relieved cz I had a wedding 2 attend on 21st & I was d maid of honour.

On 20th, my man told me he had something to do in ph & would be there for two days….that statement confirmed Esther's words…..I still couldn't believe it was happening cz I trusted him with my life….I told him he could go & that he should drive safely……………………….On that fateful day 22nd sept 2013,, I went for service,,I wasn't comfy,,tots kept crawling….tots like : what could they be doing now?? Hugging,,kissing,,or prolly straffing….(lol)….before d service was over,,I left church & headed for ph……u needed to have seen me..I wore a strong tight,, a black dress and a flip flop ready to fight….I got to ph,,,met with Esther & she took me 2 the supposed hotel…she said she'd wait at d reception while i go knock at 101…I did and behold this fair gurl came,,,opened d door and said : YES?? WHO ARE U??
I pushed d door ready to explode only to find 4 other people in d room including my man, a bed decorated with scented candles & cute roses,,it had d inscription : SAY YES…[email protected] fell on his knees and said : I'm tired of being on the fast lane…I want u to have my last name….& he showed me this beautiful ring…awwwwww awwwww awwwwww…I wept uncontrollably…..its one year today.. @jnrpope”

In the comments section, the excited husband said … 'Aww…My World the day I met u on earth, same day an angel went missing in heaven. You gave me life when you became my wife. I couldn't ask God for anything else ever since he gave you to me, with you I have everything. Thanks for loving me. Love you."