First Case Of Ebola Recorded In United States

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Bardia Adebola Olowu, famously known as Illrymz, has revealed that certificate is the key factor to a person's development.

According to the TV host, he attested to the fact that he was able to make a name for himself within the media industry before taking on the journey of formal education but pointed out that most of his predecessors believe that certification is the only key to success; but is proud to have broken that rule! “Indeed an education is vital, but it's only half the recipe.”

Illrymz disclosed that he is still on a pilgrimage searching for success, which at times, he feels he has attained it, but sees a bigger goal, just in reach, and then the journey continues.

The singer who has done a musical collaboration with three time Grammy Award nominee, Femi Kuti, also explained that he has been able to stay off scandals because he is a very busy person working round the clock and is known for the quality of his works.

He further revealed that he has been working on his debut album for ten years, but can't even keep up with how many songs he has recorded and how many almost ready CDs he has over the years. “When you fall, you rise again! I don't quit. But everything in life must happen at the right time. It hasn't been the right time for the music yet.”