Goldie Keeps Appearing in My Dreams…………..Denrele Edun

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TV host, Denrele Edun in an interview with SaharaTv says his friend, late Goldie, keeps appearing to him in his dreams, saying to him that he knows who killed her but is doing nothing about it.

Denrele explained that he has suffered all because of Goldie recalling his encounter with armed robbers who attacked him at his home after the singer had died, demanding for gold.

The OAP explained that though he does not believe in supernatural, but he was left with no choice this time when Goldie kept appearing to him in the dream.

“I kept seeing her in my dreams and she keeps telling me you know who killed me and you are not doing anything about it. I'm not kidding. You know these things, we actually don't believe in supernatural. I have a friend who can bear me witness to that. And then I have to call my mum who prayed.”

“Finally I can say she's been laid to rest and she's been resting in peace. I'm sure she was angry like why are they tormenting this boy, he's done nothing wrong. If she could wake up and tell everyone 'leave him alone,' but of course she couldn't so I have to suffer it all”