Say “No!” To Isaac Gabriel Achong As Akwa Ibom State Police Commissioner: MY PASSIONATE APPEAL TO YOU.

By Chris Udoh M’Enin ESD

. My dear Brothers and Sisters,

Say “No!” To Isaac Gabriel Achong As Akwa Ibom State Police Commissioner: MY PASSIONATE APPEAL TO YOU.

If you are reading this mail, this appeal is for you alone.
It is not new to you that Mr Isaac Achong has been brought back to Akwa Ibom State by Godswill Obot Akpabio to become the Commissioner of Police in the state.

It is also on record that antecedents of Mr Achong never brought any good to Akwa Ibom people. His first tenure in 2010/2011 was incinerated with series of unresolved murders, kidnappings, Armed robberies, and victimisation of innocent citizens of Akwa Ibom state.

If the symptoms of Achong's reign of terror did not reach you during his first term, thank God for it, but there is absolutely no guarantee that his second coming can immune you from the terrors that radiates from his skin.

Please make your voice heard, use every connection that you have or know of, to ensure that Mr Isaac Achong is removed from Akwa Ibom state. Please don't stay behind. The power of the people will move mountains. Every additional day that Mr Achong stays in Akwa Ibom state should be of great concern to you. Don't say it does not concern you, or 'I am not residing in Akwa Ibom state' or 'I am a pastor ….and holier than Pope' You have a role to play, send your petitions to whoever and wherever you know asking for the removal of Mr Achong from Akwa Ibom State.

If you don't harken to this appeal and do something about it, let me remind you of the story of 'THE FARMER, FARMER'S WIFE AND THE MOUSE'.
'One day a mouse saw a trap that was set in the corner of the house. He quickly went to inform the chicken of it and told her to beware of the trap that was set by the farmer in a corner of the house. The chicken responded that the trap was not for her. She said that the trap was set for the mouse alone, and even went further to justify that she is the delight of the farmer because she produces the eggs that the farmer and his wife eat.

The mouse ran to the goat to inform her of the trap in the house. The goat asked the mouse how many times she had ever entered the house. The goat laughed and told the mouse to go and solve his own problems.

Disappointed, the mouse went and informed the Cow of the presence of a trap in the house. Surprisingly the cow picked an insult from it. He turned and told the mouse….'Can you see my size?. You are not even afraid to come near me. How do you think something as small as a trap can harm Mr Cow; Beside this, who do you know who produces all the milk that is drunk in this house? How can a person that have done so much for the farmers be killed by the farmer? Mr Mouse, I can see that you have nothing to do, please evaporate from here or I bruise your head with my foot'
The Mouse was disappointed and sad because there was none to help. The mouse knew the danger and became more careful.

One faithful night, unknown to the farmer's wife, the trap caught a deadly snake by the tail. She did not see it and while she was passing, the snake bit her on the leg. She took ill and was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. She was treated and discharged after 3 weeks.

Neighboring farmers that heard about the incident came to greet the farmers wife and to welcome her back to the farm house. In order to entertain these visitors, the husband had to kill the hen. So the hen, producer of golden eggs and the delight of the farmer went first. She was killed!

After 1 week, the farmers wife took ill again from the impact of the snake bite. She was taken to bigger hospital for further treatment. Unfortunately she died.
Many people started trooping into their farm house to condole the husband. The goat was killed to entertain these mourners. Because the farmer was a very popular person, many that live far away came to the burial to greet him for the loss of his wife. The goat was no longer sufficient, the Cow had to be killed to entertain the visitors. Yes, the giant and producer of milk for the farmer was indeed killed by the farmer!. The Hen, The Goat, and The Cow were gone, but the mouse survived!'

I have told this story before. It is a live story, the Farmer, Farmers wife, Mouse, Goat, snake, and Cow are mere characters representing what happened.

Don't say 'it doesn't concern me' Don't be left out, Don't be afraid because you will not die! Please have compassion for Akwa Ibom people, take some visible action against the deployment of Mr Achong to Akwa Ibom State. There are so much that you can do to send Mr Achong packing from Akwa Ibom state. Please do something. This is my passionate appeal.

Chris Udoh M'Enin ESD

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