By paul martins
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In the aftermath of the U-17 WORLD CUP, nothing is heard about the EAGLETS and the crew. I hope they are still remembered because they really tried to get to the finals of the competition.

No news of any players going out for an offer from a big club outside the country. Is it that these clubs did not appreciate the way the EAGLETS ended up the game? Even If they did not like how they played outside, does it mean Nigerians are not going to appreciate them?

We just need to appreciate them because when everything seems to be rough in terms of football in Nigeria, those guys brought joy to this country. So, we can't just forget them so soon; they are still good materials for our great country, Nigeria.

I know many out there will be asking of some great players among the EAGLETS, people like SANNI EMMANUEL, the MVP player and the golden boy of the tournament, ONAZI OGENYI, AZZEEZ and OKORO STANLEY etc. These names cannot be forgotten among the EAGLETS.

I learnt SANNI EMMANUEL and ONAZI OGENYI have gone back to the club {MY PEOPLE FC}. I started to wonder, with different questions running through my mind, whether MY PEOPLE FC is part of The Synagogue, Church of all Nations, Ikotun Egbe.

That means this Sunday there will be a great celebration in the church.

Will the EAGLETS be there?
But my mind keeps telling me that it will be a great day for the families of the players and The Synagogue.

Guess what, I will be there to view the entire celebration because I know what it means to embrace an achiever.

So, tell me will you be there?
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