I Don’t Take Stimulants Before Performance—Felix Duke

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Music they say 'is the food of the soul' and as such, every singer wants to be at his or her best at every show to deliver a good performance.

Many artistes go as far as taking all sorts of things just to have both quality voice and strength to be on stage.

Recently, Nigerian artiste, Felix Duke Osagie aka Felix Duke, who have had couple of tracks to his credit like his hit track 'Juliana,' revealed that taking of any substance before performance does not work for him.

The singer explained that when he started music in the 80's, he takes alligator pepper, raw eggs and so many other things just to make his voice smooth and sharp but this never paid off, which led to him to the consumption of milk, which yielded result.

He added that before going for any show, he does not take any stimulant like coffee, brandy or anything because he is an hyper-active person; and taking any stimulant may cause him problems.