By Chief Eze

Behind the scenes meetings and frantic collaborations have followed the recent declaration of a merger between opposition parties recently staged in Abuja. As at press time, the details remained sketchy but what is clear is that 13 young men and women from all over the country with a track record that will make any politician tremble have decided to come together with the singular view of injecting youth, ideas and principles into Nigerian politics.

This latest meeting purported to have been held at the residence of one of the 13 in the Maitama area of Abuja included the entrenchment of internal democracy as an irreducible minimum and the rejection of flawed or corrupt politicians in their fold. More interestingly it appears that the group rumored to be called “MG 13” has adopted a refusal to go to tribunals after the next election as one of their ground rules. This suggests already that this new breed has a zero tolerance agenda in their make-up. Also on their list is to recruit others into their fold with similar dissatisfaction of not just the politics of government but the politics of opposition. The roll call of individuals our source revealed cuts across party lines with even some PDP “future leaders” in attendance.

A current Prince in the Niger Delta, a former Chief of Staff from Bauchi, a bright upcoming politician in Ekiti and a well known name from Ebonyi were supposedly among the attendees with one former Gubernatorial candidate from the South and a onetime National party Chairman from the North also present.

When this reporter enquired further of his source, he remarked that if they succeed it will mark a milestone in the politics of Nigeria as it appears the younger generation seem to be finally taking their destiny into their own hands. All I will do is pray for them and support them with all I have. These men and women are believable. I feel a genuine wind of change coming.

It will be recalled that only recently Buhari, Atiku and Baffarawa joined forces with Tinubu, Ikimi, Utomi and others to seek to unify the opposition for future elections. While it is not yet obvious whether the partnership will be under a new political platform or under an existing one what is clear is that previously distant players have set aside their differences. With this new initiative the argument that the movement was just about failed and old politicians may have been seriously diluted. Our source revealed, “With sound and articulate positions on deregulation, post amnesty, power, education and health they appear head and shoulders above leaders past.” What MG-13 may have not taken into account however is whether the old brigade will step aside for the sake of Nigeria? Only time will tell.

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