Don’t Call Me Sexy, But Cute—Ghanaian Teenage Singer Warns

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Young Ghanaian singer, Jasmine Bridi better known as Jayla, has called on her supporting fans to call her by her name rather than the name 'sexy' she is been attributed with.

The Ghanaian and Lebanese descent artiste says she would wish to be addressed by her name because she is still in her teens and also putting her Ghanaian society into consideration of the word 'sexy.'

"I have had people pass a lot of comments about me saying that I am very sexy especially when you go to my fan pages and I really appreciate those comments because it shows that my work is being recognised but I would prefer them to use 'cute' instead,” she explained.

"This is because I am still in my teens and you know how the Ghanaian society perceives people who are called sexy. I do not want to be seen in that light but at the right time when I come of age then they can call me sexy", she said.