Selecting A Perfect Eye Shadow For Your Makeup

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Eye shadows have been a long lasting trend amongst ladies. It does not only add colour to the face, but also curves the eye shape out uniquely. However, some ladies get confused in choosing the perfect eye shadow to match their make-ups.

Eyes are considered to be jewels of the body and people often make the mistake of using the same colour of eye shadow as their clothes. You can choose a colour to compliment the colour of your clothes, but never match it entirely.

The rule that says 'never wear eye shadow that is of the same colour with your eyes' is not always correct. You can wear an eye shadow that is of the same colour as your eyes; it's just a matter of the shade, not the colour itself.

For example, if you have blue eyes, try using light blues or dark blue eye shadow. If you have brown eyes, try using a light brown or khaki shade. And if you have green eyes, try dark green eye shadow or lighter greens; but stay away from medium greens.

If you have a warm skin, try colours like bronze, ivory, taupe, light brown, pink, soft green, and coral. If you have a cool skin tone, you should experiment more with silver, pale blue, lilac, teal, dark green, turquoise, and gray.

And of course, brown and neutral shades look great on any skin tone and eye colour. If you're trying out a new colour as part of your eye shadow routine, experiment and practice with it first. Don't plan to wear it on a day when you have a set schedule; in the event you don't like it, you might find yourself running late.

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