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The defeated champions descending the clouds of glory
Accented to the generational wailings of the bloody sea
Translating the torrents of tears in the colonies of wears
Ushering the evening shadows into the bubble banquets
On the islands for lullabies and in the lakesides for dirges

Change is the stronghold in the forests of extravagances
Placing his permanent zeal on the seal of the horse deal
To commemorate the transiency of mortal achievement
Founded upon the excruciating boils and the lyrical toils
The deaf and dumb task masters imposed upon our race

The forgotten champions remembering the rays of glory
Crash land like clays on the rocks of utter despondencies
Jilted by sun, separated from moon and divorced by star
They recoil into the broken shadows of the mixable men
Under the mixed multitude of the unfortunate landlords

Change is arrayed in the reflective colours of quick pains
To measure the temperatures and pressures of pleasure
Conducted by the spectrum for the spectrophotometers
Times and seasons are like vocal birds floating in the sky
Proclaiming a non-permanent residency in mortifications

The heartbroken champions in the ruins of downed glory
Groan beneath the weak rays of the dolorous lamp lights
Like the angry waves resting their angers upon the shore
Lying in wait for the cold tombs in the dregs of the valley
For the drunken players of dead lyres for their silent laity
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