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I Want Another Controversy After My Rape Joke—Basketmouth Boasts

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Ace Nigerian comedian, Basketmouth, has expressed his sadness over the hypocritical way of reasonning Nigerians have over some certain things.

The comedian in an interview programme 'Rubbin Minds' on Channels television, in responding to the rape case joke, explained that it was just a joke and not that he actually was celebrating rape.

In clearing the air on the issue, Basketmouth, pleaded with the people hurt by the joke, stating that he meant no harm on any body.

"I'm sorry about it, honestly, I am sorry about it, but.. I tried as much as possible not to let it consume my creativity because if I start saying, oh you can't talk about this, there shouldn't be any topic that
can't be talked about, it's a joke. I crack jokes about my own death, do you understand, and people laugh about my own death, it's just a joke. Let's grow beyond this. Definitely, I'm not going to crack a joke about rape again, I shouldn't even be saying the word.  I've learnt my lesson, but we shouldn't have limits."

Meanwhile, Basketmouth was quick to admitt that although the rape joke was an issue, but it also helped him boost the sales of his comedy ticket.

"But I'm happy that controversy came up, it helped me sell my tickets. I sold out, my show was sold out big time, we even started selling standing tickets. There weren't meant to be standing tickets, regular tickets were supposed to be 25 pounds but because of the controversy, London Guardian carried the story, even compared me with Jimmy Carr, my tickets sold out. We even sold extra 600 standing tickets at 75 pounds! So I'm looking for another controversy, though not that type".