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Religious Sentiments: Fiancee Dumps Muslim Artiste After University Education

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Wonder they say, never ends, when a man tries to define the meaning of true love, no matter the obstacles he might face it's just a matter of understanding and agreement.

But this might not be the same way popular Islamic Hip Hop Artiste, Ibrahim Adebayo Oje, known as HYB Addis, who decided to ignore religion and care for what brings him happiness for about six years.

The muslim dude was recently thrown off balance when his six year old relationship to a christian lady who he even agreed to marry in the Christian way, was cut short by his fiancee's family.

We gathered that the reason behind this was due to religious sentiments after 6 years of togetherness. The artiste has been so sad recalling how he met his lady in Makoko, a slum neighborhood located in Lagos, Nigeria, cleaned up and sent her through the university with his hard earned money, without her family support.

'Few days back, the family that never knew her came to the house, packed her things all because I am a Muslim.'

It was also observed that during the six years of their stay together; they never had a fight, or even argue. Already people were already seeing them as role models.

Recall that sometime ago in South Sudan, a woman was sentenced to death for getting married to a christian man and as such, she was locked up in jail along with their son. Although, they now have two children because the woman who was pregnant as at the time she was sentenced to death, has put to bed.

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