Wisdom to Handle a Difficult Marriage

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difficult marriage
difficult marriage
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1. Re-examine your marriage . Sit down together to check what went wrong. Ask questions and answer each other, frankly but with respect. Get to the root of the matter. Examine each other's hurts, fears, reservations, etc.

2. Talk, talk and talk- Create opportunity for heart to heart discussions at various times.

3. Re-affirm your love for each other . There may be doubt about love for each other. The woman most especially may feel she is no more loved, so there is need for love to be re-affirmed.

4. Be intentional. Most couples think their marriages can work without doing anything to make it work. They believe marriage needs no effort; it will work on its own. You can as well think a building can build itself. You need to be intentional; if you see these red flags, get up to build your marriage intentionally. This will involve intentional date-out, connection, communication, etc.

5. See a counselor . If you discover you still find it difficult to connect, then I suggest you see a counselor for a 'Marriage Enrichment Course' most people will never see a counsellor until their marriage is in a coma. See a counselor now before it is too late and decide to obey whatever he/she asks you to do.

6. Attend marriage seminars. There is no better way to make your marriage stronger than to attend marriage enrichment seminars with your spouse. This will greatly enhance your marriage and make your home better as you are thought better ways to family life and how to make your home a peaceful place.

7.   Attend marriage school. Another good thing you can do to your marriage is to attend a marriage school where you can get godly training for a better marriage. Call +2348056457013 or visit www.collegeofmaritalsuccess.com for more information.

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