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2015: Isoko Politicians With Their Empty And Fulfilled Promises

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As 2015 is getting nearer, some Isoko politicians have either indicated interest to be re-elected or contest for the next election. The problem is that some of the so-called serving political office holders in Isoko have failed to bring dividends of democracy to the people than impoverishing them with empty promises. In one of the newly Isoko newspapers recently published on their front cover where they tagged Isoko representatives in government as' Ambassadors of failure'.

All the photographs of Isoko notable politicians were published except those dead. Over the years, Isoko politicians have abysmally failed to fulfil their sugar-coated manifestoes. 2015 is fast-approaching, some politicians have started warming up or doing underground campaigns while some serving politicians are still consulting their godfathers either to contest or not. It is worthy to be celebrated as Dr.Emmanuel Uduaghan has finally released the Delta LG election timetable after much political procrastination that greeted the state.

2015 will be very hot for Isoko money bags politicians who felt their money can give them automatic tickets and even paying unscheduled courtesy visits to traditional rulers will not guarantee their votes or buying over some unscrupulous Isoko youths.

Some of these desperate Isoko politicians are still myopic in their political aspirations in the sense that they believe that if they buy Tokunbo cars for the youths will give them those bogus votes in 2015. A popular Isoko gospel musician in his latest album said Isoko politicians are proud and they are not ready to provide for the people represented. Some Isoko politicians have succeeded in empowering unemployed youths, widows and elderly people with multiple visas for death popularly known as 'Used cars'.

Even purchasing ladies' motorcyclists, bags of rice, yams, cutlasses and others will not give those self-centred politicians whose phone numbers only go through during election time and nothing else. Some of these unprepared Isoko politicians are mere noisemakers, money spenders, jokers, attention seekers, serious-minded campaigners, face book manifestoes and degree holders' consultants.

PDP belongs to Isoko division but in 2011 elections, PDP almost lost to the then opposition party called Democratic Peoples Party (DPP) but today majority of DPP members are now APC members in Isoko. The problem is that DPP is divided into two while PDP still remains firm in Isokoland. How many of these serving Isoko politicians are working towards the progress of Isoko people than stockpiling all the constituency funds to themselves.

Some of these present crops of Isoko politicians in power no longer pick calls or reply text messages sent to them anymore because of their new positions. How they bigger than the people that elected them to power? Even some indicating interest to contest in 2015 are now exhibiting the wicked attitudes of not picking calls or replying text messages sent to them.

They have succeeded in building gargantuan hotels and suites in different parts of Isokoland but only few are ready to employ the unemployed Isoko youths than using them as area boys. Some have turned some Isoko youths to errand boys and higher killers where they are employed to monitor the activities of their political opponents from door to door and window to window.

2015 will determine who takes over the various political leaderships in Isoko with good hearts not rogues in sheep clothing. Everybody wants to contest for local government, Delta State House Assembly and National Assembly. Who deliver Isoko people from this political wilderness inherited since 1999? Some of these Isoko politicians are ready to make change while some want to conscript their interests on the people. Some Isoko politicians that want change and while some are attention seekers come 2015 are Hon. Ferguson Onwo is from Olomoro town. He was the former Isoko South chairman between 24th July 2002 to 24thJune 2003. He is also a present serving senior special adviser to NDDC commissioner representing Isoko area.

He is politically ready to take over from a failed political leader, Chief Erijo Johnson of the present Delta State House of Assembly. Aviara, Uzere and Olomoro people are seriously clamouring for change and want to give Hon. Ferguson Onwo a chance. We hope if Hon. Ferguson is elected, he will still pick his calls or reply text messages and fulfilled his political agenda. Abroad trips are very common among Isoko politicians.

Most Isoko politicians are always interested in employing PAs that will be putting the constituency monies in their private banks instead of empowering the people represented. The mindset of every Isoko politician is that when you call them on cell phone, it means you want money, if they are not ready for the position, why contesting for it with multiple promises to the people. Hon. Ferguson Onwo is going for Isoko constituency 2 which Hon. Erijo Johnson has occupied the seat for three consecutive times and still wants to go for fourth time. Most Isoko politicians are greedy and self-centred.

Hon. Benjamin Okiemute Essien is presently serving his one tenure in Delta State House of Assembly of Isoko constituency 1 where he was elected under the platform of DPP and now APC but still claiming that he belongs to DPP. While DPP members see him now as an imposter while his body language remains in APC as card carrier. Even the recent Isoko APC congress was allegedly conducted in his country home but still telling DPP members that he belongs to the party. Isoko constituency 1, nobody has ever been re-elected twice since its creation. Can Benjamin Essien break that jinx in Delta State House of Assembly in Isoko constituency 1?

With his three years intimidating achievements, well second term is assured but APC or DPP platform cannot give him that votes again, unless he puts his house in order. He once alleged that he can march dollar to dollar and naira to naira and not ready to contest for second term. DPP members are presently angry with Hon. Benjamin Essien for abandoning them for APC while the former says Essien is not their member. Only God will determine the fate of Hon. Benjamin Essien in 2015.

Hon. Sunny Elueni was the former SLG of Isoko North local Government Area of Delta State and wants to run for the next Isoko North Chairman for 2014. He is politically experienced but not really accepted by the people. It was once posted on the social media recently that he is anointed and nobody can't stop him for the position. The people of Isoko North will determine is fate not godfathered. Even godfathers are now afraid of Isoko politics.

Hon. Leo Okuweh Ogor is the Deputy Majority leader in the House of Representatives serving his third term and planning to go back for fourth term and to be nominated as incoming speaker of the House in 2015. How possible is it? Since 1999, Hon Leo Ogor was elected and only few achievements have been recorded in Isokoland. He is an experienced politician with a pedigree but Isoko people want him to remain a father not contesting again. If he continues to contest, people outside Isoko will see us that Hon. Leo Ogor is the only educated and competent person in the region. Hon. Leo Ogor is from Ozoro and Idheze.

Dr. Ogaga Ifowodo is an Oleh- born lawyer and human rights and democracy activist formerly based in USA and also indicating interest to contest against Hon. Leo Ogor under the platform of the APC. But he is not popular in Isoko politics even though he holds an important position in IDU and it will be difficult for him to win Hon. Leo Ogor in 2015. His foray into politics is just a child's play and a joker with no political foundation in Isoko politics.

Every political leader in Isoko must be answerable to the people not just contesting election to add to the long lists of contenders in 2015. Cambridge politicians are not needed in Isoko politics but those that have empowered the suffering Isoko people are what we need now.

Chief Augustine Erabor is from one of the Isoko towns and a Portharcourt- based oil guru and who is ready to take Hon. Leo Ogor's job by force. He is not known in Isoko politics but just wants to waste his money. Being an oil magnate cannot guarantee him automatic ticket to House of Representatives in 2015. He is just a mere joker with no political will to convince the people he wants to represent in 2015. His co-ordinator seems to come from Oleh community.

Hon. Solomon Ogba is likely the choice of Isoko people and he is the present President of Athletics Federation of Nigeria and NDDC commissioner representing Isoko area. He has not contested for any position for once but always in favour of previous and present Delta State governments which he distinguishes him from any other acclaimed Isoko politician in the region. If he contests for any political office in Isoko, he will win. He has been favoured with various political appointments from the state to the federal levels. Anytime he is appointed for any political position, he always remembers to fix his boys in power. He is the publisher of the Sports Day newspaper in Nigeria. He is an Aviara-born politician with dignity.

Hon. Macaulay Ouvozourie is the present SSG in Delta State and had held several political positions in the State till date. As a fourth estate journalist, he knows what it takes to run a good political office if elected in 2015. The Owhelogbo-born journalist cum politician knows the nitty-gritty of politics in Delta State. It was allegedly whispered that he would be the Deputy Governor to the ousted Delta State House of Assembly speaker, Hon. Victor Ochei in 2015. Now that Hon. Victor Ochei has been suddenly dropped by Delta cabals, then Hon. Macaulay needs to start a new strategy to win the hearts of Isoko people in 2015 or join forces with the right leaders in power. He is a serious-minded politician that everybody respects in

Isoko. Even when some people wanted to discredit his person on the interview granted on the vanguard newspaper on the Delta State leadership come 2015. He still remains a viable politician to behold in Delta State politics.

Hon. Joel Onowakpo is the present chairman of Delta State Board of Internal Revenue. He was re-appointed by Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State due to his leadership performance in his first tenure. The Emede-born politician cum hospitality guru is one of the viable Isoko politicians to watch out for. His Elomaz hotel in Lagos remains one of the best in African continent. He was the former chairman of Isoko South Local Government Area between 17th October 2007 and 13th May 2008. If he decides to contest for any political position in Isoko, he will likely win but he needs to work hard for the betterment of Isoko people.

Chief Iduh Amadhe is an Uzere-born politician and one-time sought after compere and a former Isoko South chairman and contested for Delta State House of Assembly in 2011 under the platform of Labour party but almost won that election if not PDP Cabals in Isoko.

Hon. Tim Owherefe is an Isoko North politician with integrity and presently studying law in one of the universities in Nigeria and serving his second term in Delta State House of Assembly and planning to go for third term. He is a businessman with vision but going for third term is not advisable rather he should allow others to contest for that position. He has the money to use for the next coming election but he should step down for others to go and maintains his political integrity and concentrates on his LLB degree.

Hon. Erijo Johnson, the Aviara-born politician who is presently serving his third term still wants to contest for fourth term. Hon. Erijo Johnson that nominated the present speaker of Delta State House of Assembly after Hon. Victor Ochei. He has failed to draw projects to these three Isoko communities (Aviara, Olomoro and Uzere) that gave him the mandate over the years. So Hon. Ferguson Onwo is the alternative person to the former.

Hon. Benjamin Efekodo is an Oleh -born politician who once served the Delta State House of Assembly in 2007 to 2011 and wanted to go back for second term in Isoko constituency 1 but was won by Hon. Benjamin Essien of Ivrogbo-Irri community, He single-handedly sponsored the 2014 Irri Traditional Council of Chiefs calendar and planning to contest again. Though, he exhibited full political arrogance in his first tenure. He is anxiously preparing for 2015 against Hon. Benjamin Essien.

Hon. Constantine Ikpokpo(Malik) is an Uro- Irri born politician cum businessman with philanthropic heart. He once indicated interest for Delta State House of Assembly and stepped down for a reliable person in Isoko and out rightly rejected an appointment from Dr, Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State to pursue his ambition of becoming the next Isoko South Chairman which his political declaration comes up June 16 in Isoko. He is one of the choices of the people. He is a politician after God's heart in Isoko.

Other Isoko politicians going for one position or the other are Rev Hon. Jerry Odugala, Hon. Dickson Ebegbare, Hon. Askia Ogeh, chief John Kpokpogri, Barrister Jonathan Okiogbero, Prof. Saliba Umukoro, Hon. Raphael Okelezo, Dame Alice Ikpokpo, Hon. Jubilant ,Hon. Igelige, Hon Evans Egbo. We need politicians that are ready to take Isoko people to the Promised Land in 2015 not jokers or noisemakers. Those who will provide scholarships for our children in Isoko.


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