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I have declared my Assets, Fayemi Should do Same” — Bamidele

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23rd May, 2014
Gentlemen of the Press
This is in response to a recent call by a group named “The South West Social and Economic Foundation, (SWEF), believed to be one of the hydra-headed groups working on behalf All Progressives Congress, APC in Ekiti State but most unfortunately being paid with tax-payers' fortune and collective resources of good people of Ekiti State.

At this time, we see this call on our gubernatorial candidate Michael Opeyemi Bamidele (MOB) to declare his assets is belated, unwarranted and a misplaced priority. The battle being embarked upon by SWEF is an already lost battle as there's no rationale behind it in the first place.

Yet,  it is also  becoming curiously unbecoming of such groups springing up daily in and around Ekiti to throw up  allegations without adequate background information about the subject matter or the personality involved.

Thus, if SWEF has any pedigree and depth of operation as a body of enlightened homo sapiens, especially now that it claimed to be representing the entire South/West, a region known for diligence. It should have known that there are laid down rules and constitutional requirements for declaration of assets as it concerns politicians. SWEF and its sponsors should know that declaration of assets is a major prerequisite for any elected member of the House of Representatives.

For the records, just like every other 360 members of the 7th Assembly, we direct the SWEF to approach Code of Conduct Bureau (CBC) either in Abuja or anywhere across the country to obtain this information. MOB had done that over three years ago, hence no need crying wolf where there is none, we also urge Fayemi to do same. For now, both Michael Opeyemi Bamidele and his party, the Labour Party are busy working round the clock to ensure how to liberate Ekiti State from claws of an anti-people government being led by Gov John Kayode Fayemi. Hence, we urged our detractors to borrow a leaf from us, play politics of issue and meet us at the political turf come the 21st of June.

However, despite our resolve not to dignify our detractors. We shall say that we still believe the so-called SWEF's demand is pre-emptive of forestalling an initial call made by MOB. Recall that our principal in early April this year had made a similar call on the state governor, demanding him to declare his assets in the midst of his overnight affluence.

This call eventually threw the governor off balance and later led to a revelation of his family businesses outside the country, including a privately-owned university in far away Ghana. Till date, the dust is yet to settle on this and there's a dateline between Fayemi and Ekiti voters. Needless to say, Ekiti people know all these and they will act at the appropriate time.

Proverbially speaking, much as we can not stop a salt seller from walking in the rain advertising his ware, all we can do is to advise. We therefore advise SWEF, JKF and APC not to waste their time by going to court as threatened. Hence, they shall meet us there any day they decide to embark on such a needless venture.

Finally, MOB is not stupendously rich as being claimed by SWEF, he is only rich in the heart and in giving. And in this act of giving within his limited resources; many of his detractors today including those behind SWEF as God knows had benefited at one time or the other (To the glory of God).

Ahmed Salami
S A (Media) to
Hon. Michael Opeyemi Bamidele (MOB)
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