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Governors cause crises to get funds — CLO chief

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State governors create  crises in their states in order to earn additional allocation from the Federal Government. The Executive Director of Civil Liberties Organisation, Mr. Ibuchukwu Ezike has said.

Ezike  who is also a member of the Committee on Civil Society, Labour and Sports at the ongoing national conference in Abuja, also described state governors as “dishonest, greedy and corrupt.”

According to him, rather than cater for citizens in their states, governors look for opportunities to create crisis.

“Most of these governors are dishonest. Through their greed and corruption, instability is intensified. The more crises they have, the more money they get as security votes. Unfortunately, nothing is secure,” Ezike said.

The CLO leader added that the problem of insecurity was as a result of state governors' failure to provide basic amenities and employment.

“But, security is not just about law enforcement agencies; it's also about people. Security includes job creation, provision of education and housing, caring for the aged and persons living with disabilities. As recommended by our committee, each tier of the government should dedicate 30 per cent of its budget to education though 26 per cent is required by UNESCO. If you make people happy and their lives worth living, no one will rise up in arms. They will not be thinking about crises and crimes.

“But, because custodians of state powers and coffers have become corrupt, deaf and blind to the needs of the people, the people are left to rise against the state. Governors create crises to get more money. What were the Niger Delta militants agitating for? What was the OPC asking for? And why is MASSOB asking for self-determination? They are not secure. They are not cared for by the government. Look at Boko Haram today; they are the offshoot of thugs used for elections violence. They were armed by politicians. If they are truly happy, gainfully employed and educated, they won't turn out this way. Section 14 of the 1999 Constitution says the essence of government is to provide security and welfare for the people. Any government not fulfilling this has failed,” the CLO executive director stated.

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