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Bring Back Our Girls

Source: Dr. Sylvester Okere
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Boko Haram is a home grown terrorism based in northern Nigeria that could have been eradicated before this stage...."regardless of external enforcement-much more will happen until our leaders are honest to address the abomination they have allowed." (It is not a Goodluck Jonathan or any political party's's non tolerance and misinterpretation of religion which northern leaders allowed since ages) The group started as "the religious riot group" in the '80s (Matasine). They continued randomly in the north in the '90s with massive massacre/slaughter of men, women/pregnant women, little kids, students, and burning of churches in the north. Unfortunately northern leaders including governors, Emirs, Imams, state & local authorities accommodated those atrocities spreading daily (as long as non of their community members are affected or killed....they had not dared to eradicate/expel the evil ones amongst them). I personally witnessed several open massacre in Kano, Kaduna, Katsina and the far north). I speak because "I know". The media should focus on helping to bring confidence to parents going through pains/agony and not foaming discord to incite loss of confidence in the government to undermine and promote political interest which will lead the community nowhere but divide and conquer again. The 911 and recent Boston marathon elevated the beauty of America's diversity....why must this be different if not politicized?
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