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The Devil In Al- Mustapha’s Life! (2)

By Mohammed Nasiru Fagge
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Apart from possessing her 'husband', destroying his career and damaging his relationship with his late parents and bosses in the military, Hafsat has been an unfaithful 'wife' and has engaged in several acts of infidelity while Al-Mustapha is in detention and even after coming out from prison. She has dated some bosses and even friends of Al-Mustapha while others that rejected her like Ambassador Fani Amun a long time friend of Al-Mustapha were punish by way of separating them with her 'husband'. Amun is hitherto a very close friend of Al-Mustapha and has being with him for over 25 years. He is among the few that frequented the Kiri Kiri Maximum Prison in Lagos to offer support and assistance to Al-Mustapha throughout the period of his incarceration. When Amun was arrested because of his closeness with Al-Mustapha his wife even lost her old pregnancy due to the trauma but the reward he got later was the termination of his twenty five years old relationship with the ex-CSO through Hafsat's mischief because she knows that Fani Amun knows so much about her immoral affairs and her spiritual struggles to possess Al-Mustapha by all means. Their closeness is making her very uncomfortable and it is becoming a threat to her desire and ambition. As at today Fani Amun and Al-Mustapha who are friends for over 25 years are not even in talking terms. He is also not in talking terms with another long term friend and colleague in the military, General Idris who is the current commandant of the Nigeria Defense Academy (NDA) courtesy of the overbearing influence Hafsat has on him.

Hafsat's authoritarianism, impatience, over ambition and her possessive ability to control her 'husband' and to limit his relationship with any perceived threat to her criminality is also directly instrumental in the crisis between Gen. Abdulsalami, the Abacha family precisely the former First Lady, Maryam Abacha and Al-Mustapha. She has separated her 'husband' from any good and reliable friend particularly the majority that are privy to her illegal affairs. Hafsat decides who will be Al-Mustapha's close friend, the boys (BGs) that will be close to him and even the clothes he will wear.

With Al-Mustapha's resources now at her disposal, and in order to satisfy her insatiable sexual desires, the old Hafsat is now using and dating his own boys mostly the BGs. Two of the BGs - Nura and one Garba Danladi - are permanently with her now and leaving in the same house. Nura's new job is to be messaging her body while Garba Danladi is authoritatively her boyfriend. He is with her every where she goes and they usually lodge at hotels in Abuja or Kaduna.

One Umar is also a BG that goes around with Hafsat. He is the closest to her. He doubles as a BG, a boyfriend and a spiritual consultant to Hafsat. He arranges mallams for his mistress in Zaria and Katsina. He is part of those that are being used by Hafsat to also monitor and destroy Al-Mustapha.

Even those that are hitherto servants (house girls) and very close to Hafsat have fallen victims of her wickedness, excesses and ability to deal with anyone that knows so much about her corrupt affairs. A case study is that of a poor girl called that grew up in Hafsat's house. I don't want to mention the name of the poor girl because Hafsat can harm her but Hafsat if she is reading this piece knows the girls I am referring to. She is with her since her childhood. She was very close to Hafsat and had as a house girl or a servant assisted her a lot during Al-Mustapha's incarceration. The young girl had witnessed in Al-Mustapha's own residence several embarrassing episodes. In many instances, Hafsat will invite or come with an adult to the house and go upstairs. She will instruct the young lady not to go upstairs or to allow anybody go there claiming that she is in a meeting with the man. The fraudulent 'meeting' usually last for several hours after which she will come and escort the man. I have seen that with my eyes on several occasions and the girl too had become used to it. When Al-Mustapha was released and not wanting to take any chances because of what she knows, Hafsat unceremoniously and shamelessly sent poor girl parking from the house. Hafsat cannot probably count how many house helps she sent parking because of same reason and due to her temperamental and wicked attitude. In fact, anybody you see today with Al-Mustapha must decide either to give her 100 percent loyalty/information or risk her anger. For Hafsat it is either you are with her 100 percent or you are against her.

In addition to that and I challenge any insider to prove me wrong, Hafsat has separated Al-Mustapha who is the breadwinner of his family with his biological brothers and sisters and in fact all his relatives. The only person that is with her whom was also possessed by Hafsat is one of Al-Mustapha's junior sisters. For her and due to the strong spiritual influence Hafsat has on her she does anything no matter how evil if directed by the powerful Hafsat. In fact, that particular Al-Mustapha's sister doesn't fear and obey their parents as she does Hafsat. To put it mildly, if Hafsat directs her to fall into a well the woman will willingly do so without asking Hafsat why.

Al-Mustapha's twin brothers are now at the mercy of relatives and friends because Hafsat has sent them away from their brother's house and had stopped him from doing anything to them.

Even Hadi Al-Mustapha, I can authoritatively reveal, is struggling to protect himself from the continuous evil of Hafsat against him. Her mallam in Katsina told her that unless she gets rid of Hadi who is self sufficient and largely independent financially and otherwise, he will become her nemesis. Hafsat is directly behind the several arrests of Hadi when his brother was in prison. At one time she nearly made him mad due to her wickedness, unfaithfulness through the services of her sorcerers. It took the intervention of well wishers and Hadi's determination to protect himself before he was cured. The recent invasion of Hadi's residence in Kano by the JTF with armoured vehicles numbering nearly 40 and the thorough search of his house was orchestrated by Hafsat. She uses her brother whom Al-Mustapha helped to be employed as SSS officer to manufacture a fake security report against Hadi. They had wanted to plant weapons in his house so as to keep him behind bars till eternity but it didn't work. The invasion of Hadi's residence by the JTF recently as insinuated has nothing to do with the so called enemies of Major Al-Mustapha but engineered by an enemy within, Hafsat. I was reliably informed that even Hadi who hitherto used to enjoy cordial relationship with his brother, Al-Mustapha and because of which he became an enemy that must be eliminated by the powerful Hafsat has of recent fallen apart with his elder brother due to Hafsat's possessive influence over her 'husband'. She even directed her BG boyfriends to smash and destroy Hadi's car anytime he comes to his brother's house. Hadi was the one that singlehandedly took care of their parents and Al-Mustapha's needs too when the later was in prison for fourteen years and at a time Hafsat was busy engaging in one form of infidelity or the other with many that are close to her 'husband'. I strongly believe that if anything happens to Hadi, Hafsat should be held responsible.

The case of the stolen wrest watch of N15million from Hafsat is also among the many scandals of her immoral life. It is a well known fact that the Lagos-based security expert, Olumide Wole- Madariola, has prior to their embarrassing crisis been dating Hafsat for four years.

The trouble between Hafsat and Wole began when she forgot the multi million naira wrest watch in the hotel room she booked for her and Wole. The claim that Hafsat gave him the wristwatch when he visited her house in Abuja, to help her fix the battery and strap during a trip he was about to take to Europe is a big lie created by her to cover her shame.

What actually prompted Hafsat to write to the EFCC about the missing wristwatch in 2008 precisely three weeks after it was reportedly missing is because of the decision of Wole to abandon her on the excuse that she is too old for him. He has also obviously benefitted from the N15million wristwatch and considers the relationship no longer relevant.

Obviously voicing out her frustration for Wole's decision to dump her after a short romance, Hafsat told PUNCH correspondent in 2008 that 'If that boy (Wole) can eat my food and turn against me (meaning his decision to quit from the sexual relationship after benefitting from her), he will get the consequence. When he finishes his media campaign, mine will start. But I don't know when that will be.' But she never brought the issue again over 6 years after she promised doing so. The only reason is that if she presses Wole too much a lot will be revealed and she cannot afford that.

It is clear that she never gave Wole the expensive wristwatch for repairs. Wole only took advantage of how crazy Hafsat was about him and took the watch.

In reality Al-Mustapha is in crisis at home. He is under the bondage of his supposed wife but because he is possessed he cannot see anything wrong in what she is doing and anything against her will offend and upset him. But we will take the pain in order to rescue the life of our promising brother from final destruction by an evil and wicked 'wife' that claimed to love him. Al-Mustapha needs even the prayers of his enemies and all his loved ones. He is not in his senses at all. We must help him to free him from a perpetual life of fornication with a woman that knows very well that there has never been formal wedding between them. We must help him to reunite with his extended family, friends and bosses in the Nigeria Army. We must help him to be totally free from the possessive influence of a heartless, wicked and unfaithful woman that only thinks about this world and forgetting what awaits her in the hereafter. We must freedom him from the bondage of a so called wife that is not practically doing what she is preaching. Above all we must help him to reconcile with his creator for the enormous damages done to his life by Hafsat. Until this is urgently done through prayers and all forms of intervention Al-Mustapha will remain Hafsat while Hafsat will remain the 'real' Al-Mustapha. And more disturbing is that his life and that of his brothers particularly Hadi is in danger because now she has all the resources at her disposal to execute her evil. When she is done with Al-Mustapha she will dispose him. My next write up will focus on so many hitherto hidden issues and scandals of Hafsat, how she converted Al-Mustapha's resources and bank account to her control and monopoly, the houses she bought after his release from prison, another exclusive into her affair with one of the BGs, Umar; how she recently covered up and concealed the bastard pregnancy of her daughter, Fatima to Al-Mustapha and how it was aborted, how she fueled the crisis between Al-Mustapha and Sheikh Sanusi Khalil and why she is at war with the wife of her 'husband's boss, Her Excellency Maryam Abacha. You will also read a lot about the frustrations of her 46 years old bastard son, Jamilu and why she never discloses his father to him. By all standards Hafsat is a criminal and a curse for Al-Mustapha. Now she is into hard drugs. She is into cocaine. Could it be the beginning of the nemesis for the old woman whose health condition is silently deteriorating? My next piece will reveal this and many more. I challenge Hafsat to dispute all my claims in the first and second piece. I also challenge her to go to court if she can. I have the audio and video clips of her many scandals and I am ready to share them online through youtube and the court whenever the situation warrants. May Allah continue to expose the evil in Hafsat.

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