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Gentlemen of the Press
Our attention has been drawn to a recent media comment made by the Ekiti State chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC amounting to an unfounded allegation that my party (Labour Party)  and I copied the manifestos of the party in the course of our campaign rallies. While we describe such an allegation as laughable, watery and baseless;  we equally see it as one of the last efforts of a drowning party (APC) and its government in Ekiti to remain afloat. It is also another of its several attempts at evading politics of issues and embracing politics of character assassination which APC is known for.

It is also ridiculous for a party that prides itself as “the indomitable” ahead of the June 21st poll to embark on such pettiness and political desperation while governance under its care currently cries of total neglect in the last three years. To further educate APC and its deluded co-travellers, LP and MOB have not unveiled their manifestos. We admonish APC to exercise patience and wait for our invitation to this event scheduled for a later date at Ado Ekiti before making further claims. Then APC can conveniently compare note with us and see who is the copy-cat.

On their accusation on plagiarism, we urge them to return to the academic environment and gain further knowledge in the usage of such a parlance. It is revealing that twenty four hours after the egg-heads in our party undertook an effortless perusal of the so-called “APC Manifesto”, we have concluded that there's nothing there to copy as being claimed.

It is on record that Michael Opeyemi Bamidele (MOB) was not only a foundation member of ACN that later metamorphosed to APC in Ekiti, but

arguably its major financier (By the grace of God) in those days of struggle. For seven years, he  contributed both financial and intellectual resources to this party. And we stand to be corrected on this assertion. From the foregoing, it therefore smacks of brinkmanship and recklessness in self-glorification for anyone in today's APC to accuse same MOB of borrowing ideas from a chapter that can be called his brainchild.

In conclusion, as we continue with our campaign activities ahead of the election date, we urge our supporters to remain steadfast and flee from tricks of our opponents as often demonstrated by APC in Ekiti. Thank you all and God bless.

Ahmed Salami
Media Assistant to
Michael Opeyemi Bamidele, (MOB)
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