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AKS Power Stakeholders Urge TCN To Improve Itu-Alaoji Transmission Line

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Although the administration of Governor Godswill Akpabio has invested enormously towards the provision of steady power supply across the state, it has emerged that limitations on the Itu-Alaoji transmission line continues to reduce availability of power in the State.

This situation was disclosed at the monthly operational stakeholders meeting held at the office of the SSA to the Governor on Power. According to representatives of TCN at the meeting, availability of power supply in Akwa Ibom state is hindered by line limitations.

It was disclosed that the Itu-Alaoji transmission line, through which the State is linked to the National grid, is limited to 65MW. Although the line has a capacity of 80MW, it is limited to 65MW because the lines are old. Evacuating power at maximum capacity can cause longer term damages.

Stakeholders expressed dissatisfaction with the condition of the Itu-Alaoji line. It was further disclosed that when Ibom Power Plant is on stream, faults on the line trips off the Power Plant. When this occurs, the areas being supplied by Ibom Plant are disconnected from power supply until the fault is resolved. Stakeholders therefore called on the TCN to improve the line.

According to the Presidential road map, power should be available in the local domain where the power is produced before it is evacuated to the National grid. This implies that since Ibom Power Plant is located in Akwa Ibom state, power ought to be available in the State first, before evacuating to other States. This was the position of the SSA on Power, Dr. Victor Udo.

However, from the disclosure made by TCN representatives, Akwa Ibom state is on perpetual load shedding due to the limitations on Itu-Alaoji transmission lines.

The implication is that even when the state owned Ibom Power Plant is on stream, a major percentage of the power is supplied to the National grid, but due to faults on the transmission lines, the state's allocation from the National grid is evacuated to neighboring states.