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How A Man Got Contract Of 200,000dollars Through Soul E's Prayers

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The political, religious and general disarray of our nation.
Should unruly devils who welded power since independence impose themselves on the nation forcefully? If they could be so barbaric to kill innocent souls and wreck havoc of satanic insanity, it is either death penalty or life sentence that they deserve but not the presidency. They are the cause of the backwardness of the nation. See what their creative minds are capable of. It is like giving the presidency to satan himself.
The security agents are not effect due to the following:
1. There is polarization along the religious lines.
2. Some top ranking officers are part of the conspiracy and others have received huge sums.
3. The political big shots of the north (ex-generals) are highly believed to be part of the conspiracy.
4. The Fulani people are believed to be used,
5. Weak presidency.
Anyone who comes to power through illegitimate means has already laid a bad foundation. The other opposition party cannot be the solution either because it is full of the same corrupt people. We need a political overhaul. This democracy has produced in general the most irresponsible political candidates both in the north and south. We are in the state of a political emergency. The political insolence displayed by the politicians against it's own people is like the olden day slavery. The most brutal are the core northern politicians who have turned religion into a blood sucking demon because the whole country is tired of their leadership style of irresponsibility. All this boom blast is putting a nail on your presidential coffin. If you cannot tolerate other tribes ruling the nation, why should other tribes tolerate you?
Another problem with this nation is the massive failure of the religious structure of the nation. In the south, religion is a one man business who builds himself worldwide empires with no moral impact but a perverted ideology of prosperity. In the north, religion is tool to oppression their people of their national inheritance for the benefit of the corrupt and lazy politicians and other elites.
We are in the state of a political emergency. The only way out some suggest that the president exposes directly or indirectly the political sponsors. The people of the north themselves will never support them. Are they not the ones who are being killed? If politicians can sponsor killing of its own people in their region, I think the mind of a beast have been given to them. Wild beast cannot but maim people they rule over. This generation of politicians must be thrown to the background. They corrupted everything including the security agencies, oil sector, education e.t.c. any corrupt politician promising a war against corruption, is fighting himself. Since 1999 what has this democracy given apart from making certain people super rich? They use a particular business man as a front.
This generation of politicians needs to retire for this nation to heal. Whatever is stolen the masses is always paying for it through subsidy removal, increase in power fixed cost. The north has not been totally active in the struggle for emancipation because politicians have deliberately used religion to retard the educational structure and have planted religious and tribal superiority into their people they use as pones (expendables). What about the Middle East where the two beliefs came from. Maybe they should call themselves gods. Illiteracy is a human curse.
A presidency who wants to deal with terrorism by kissing the sponsors is a liability to the nation. Put your political career on the line otherwise God may raise help for the people through another means. You must be willing to pay the ultimate price. The political insanity of this nation has gone too far. If satan is brought to the judge, he will definitely try to put his evil in good light, so is it with this generation of politicians. They know how to fabricate economic progress when many are jobless just 'super stories' with a lot of make believes.
One thing I will commend the southern politicians for is that they have never manipulated or used a sacred thing like religion to demonize their people. The south-south struggle was purely objective but our brothers up there are abusing their religion for personal gratifications which has not even benefited their fellow brothers of the same religion - Politics of religion for family and friends. How can the wicked group of elites rule the country by intimidating the people with bomb blast and death? You have failed the nation for too long. The region has produced the maddest generals that ever lived, one late and the other full of mischief according general reports. A civilian president who plunged the nation into debt and inflation who was out smarted by his ministeer e.t.c. probably because the civil war was not fought in the north. The north with all the resources it accumulated ought to be in the class of Dubai, Iran and Kuwait. See what the prodigal child of crooked politicians have turned it into. Devil brains! Religious but no attribute.
The north should wake up and have a political restructuring as their elites are working against them as a people. I have never heard politicians sponsoring gross disorder in their own land. Why the north east and not the north west? probably the core sponsors are from the north west. Zamfar could be expendable. The presidency may have one choice, to mobilize political support from other regions and go after the sponsors. Enough is enough. The time to face this problem head long has come or resign.