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Easter –A Time For Renewed Hope

Source: Tonye Princewill\'s Media Dept., Nigeria
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Easter is a significant time in the Christian calendar, as it marks the season of renewed Hope. Nigeria is going through trying times, but our assurance of victory through Christ Jesus should be our encouragement. 2 Corinthians 5:14 tells us that Christ's death is an indication that every human has value, regardless of your gender, tribe, social class, political affiliation or religion. Christ died so that we no longer live for ourselves, we live for something bigger. Therefore as Nigerians we should put all our differences aside and strive to build a better Nigeria.

In this political season, let us remember that, even in death, the bible emphasised on the positives of Christ's ultimate sacrifice. Let us all take a leaf from that and while countering the ills in our society and subtly trying to achieve perfection; propagate the achievements, ‎and breakthroughs we as a country have achieved!

Christ died for us all‎; but most importantly, he died for our country Nigeria. Be you Black or White, Hausa or Ijaw, Christian or Muslim; the fact remains that Nigeria is one indivisible body ordained by God. Nigeria is Great and will increase in Greatness.

God bless you all, and‎
God bless Nigeria
-Prince Tonye Princewill‎