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This article is very important, and by the sufficient grace of God almighty if taken into serious consideration and applied accordingly will definitely make a greatly better change in the world.

There are so many problems in the world presently, whether any one accepts it or not, by having a close look at situations around the globe things are really going wrong and it's seeming no solution, wars are going on, evil acts of killing, rape, stealing of different kinds, hatred and all manner of things are going on, leaders are using their positions as means of accumulation of wealth for themselves, suffering the masses, denying them of their rights when the interest of this the same people are supposed to be protected. It is funny to know that there are such thing as constitution, it is difficult to believe because these things are just kept for the sake of formalities and are not really made effective, especially by the lawmakers, implementers and law interpreters, fighting against crime and corruption when they are principally part and parcel of it, looking for solutions where there is non, it's unfortunate we have to reveal the truth before effective corrections can be made.

The good news is that, there is a simple but difficult solution available if it will be accepted. The challenges of the world are not environmental problems but just human attitude, and human attitude is greatly influenced by the MIND. So the solution to the problems of the world is the solution of the human mind. The mind is the centre of the physical human life, the body carries out activities precisely, exclusively and directly from the mind, therefore, whatever that gains access to the mind automatically dictates and controls the physical activities of the body. How then can the mind be directed rightly for global change?

The only thing that can effectively control the activities of human (mind), whether male or female is what he or she holds SACRED. If what a president holds sacred which is the secret of his success and power, instructs him not to steal or do any evil, I tell you for the fact that the president sees that thing as sacred no matter what it takes that president will obey the instruction. Let's take an instance from Christianity, especially in Nigeria, there are religious (Christian) leaders that controls large wealth of their ministries, large enough to even buy and maintain their private jets, as a matter of fact can even compete with the budgets of many nations, greatly above state budgets. Despite all, these men clearly and sincerely separate their personal money from that of their ministries, deciding never to touch even a penny from their ministries. Imagine a man who is the leader of a ministry dedicating his son with only N10, refusing to have anything doing with the ministry's money even when he has been advised by his associate to use something from the church pause. The man could not do that because what he holds sacred (The Holy Bible) is against such acts of stealing which he doesn't want to disobey, such people are greatly blessed more than the looters. You see, what humans really need is a change of mindset to start thinking rightly.

People falsely believe they must compromise standards or steal before they can be successful in life, leaving comfortably at the expense of other fellow humans. The only thing that can make people to carefully and carefully act according to instruction is when there is something they believe to be sacred is regulating the act. How the world is going to achieve the desired change is only through religion, since the religion is widely taken sacred by most people of the world. I am not talking about a particular religion knowing that there are different religions globally, even at that these religions are seen as sacred and respected by their faithful. It might be difficult to have one single religion in the world, but coming down to the bases of these religions that are held sacred by different people of the world all have the same bases and fundamental laws towards life, there is no religion that encourages corruption, no religion in the world promotes intimidation or evil doings.

Therefore, finally people should be encouraged to obey those things they hold sacred (religions) rightly, then just like in the times of old, if we really want a better world, only religiously acclaimed, knowledgeable and disciplined people with reputable lifestyle and character should be allowed to undergo elections in becoming leaders. I am saying this because the wealth of many nations are not up to the amount of wealth controlled by these religious leaders, but yet they act faithfully by not compromising corrupt practices in their dealings, religious discipline is the only thing that makes them to be like that, so therefore only such people should be allowed to rule, not only in the area of leadership, the crusade of all the knowledgeable people should be reviving the mind of every individual in the world to be positively enlightened for a global change.

There is so much truth to this fact, I know that writing alone cannot express it as I know, but if applied this little concept can change the world for a better place just like in the days of old when religion was carefully observed.


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