APC Warns Obanikoro Over Planned Mayhem In Lagos

Source: pointblanknews.com

The Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress has raised alarm

over the inordinate use of soldiers to cause mayhem and outright

brigandage in Lagos. It fingered the Minister of State for Defence, Musliu

Obanikoro as the arrowhead of this illegal use of soldiers to cause a

breach of public peace and launch mayhem in Lagos.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Interim Publicity Secretary of the

APC in Lagos, Joe Igbokwe, the party says that the latest employment of

soldiers to disrupt a state mass housing project in Lagos Island, coming

barely a week after such similar perpetration of illegality in Ilubirin is

signaling the  launching of a state of terror by the PDP federal

government using Obanikoro as the arrowhead. It warns that Lagosians would

be forced to resist such illegality and stop the bizarre development by

all legal means at their disposal.
“It is now certain that Obanikoro was made a Minister of state for defence

for the sole purpose of deploying illegal military force to cause total

mayhem in Lagos. It is certain that the PDP is bent on disrupting the pace

of development in Lagos in the face of its shameful failure in the last

fifteen years. It is certain that PDP and its agents want to arrest the

progress and development of Lagos by all means as such reifies its own

colossal failure in government for fifteen awful years.

“For us, stopping mass housing schemes on sudden and spurious claims of

ownership of some parts of Lagos is wicked. It is inhuman; it is sadistic

and speaks of the character of PDP as a party. We are sure that Obanikoro

and those he is working for do not bank of using such means to win Lagos

but to disrupt as much as possible the acclaimed progress of Lagos, which

has been sustaining millions of Nigerians and accounting for the biggest

chunk of the country's Gross Domestic Product.
“We see the stupid war Obanikoro is wedging on Lagos as just an expression

of his political failure in Lagos. He is allowing himself to be used to

impede the progress of Lagos as a way of showing his angst against

Lagosians for continuously rejecting him in all the elections he has

entered into since he joined the retrogressive forces. We urge Lagosians

to take notice of what Obanikoro is doing in Lagos today and ensure that

he is not allowed to but a wedge on the progress and interests of Lagos.

We urge Lagosians to stand up and resist this noxious employment of

outlawry to run a parallel government in Lagos.
“Lagos APC is calling on the military high command to arrest this

dangerous trend of using soldiers illegally to cause mayhem in Lagos. We

warn that the military risks being negatively branded if it allows the

military to be dragged into prosecuting the selfish political interests of

Obanikoro. We call on the military to urgently address this illegal use of

soldiers to perpetrate illegalities by the so called minister before it

plunges Lagos into anarchy and bloodletting. We warn Obanikoro and

whichever dark interests he serves that enough is enough!”