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How did you feel when you heard the death of Jim

Habiba Abubakar
7:58 AM (9 hours ago)

to me
This is what you can publish will send you the medical report in a bit and also the picture. Let it look an interview simple as that

1)How did you feel when you heard the death of Jim Iykes mother?

Well I didn't feel good . but knowing her fully well her death is a rest to herself she has suffered enough.

2) Your NGO helped her in the past? to what extent was your help to her?

Well I first took her to London for a complete medical check up. She had high blood pressure, high Cholesterol and needed knee replacement as they said in UK. See copy of her medical report c/o me. Her consultant suggested that her knee replacement should not take place till she is strong because she was very week. So we allowed her to rest stayed in my house for five days then I dropped her at Manchester in her daughters place.

3) But we heard you took her to India too?

Yes we went to India all under my NGO elderly and the poor. The Mother , Father, Nkechi, Njide and Uche then letter Jim joined us from Cameroon after about Three days. She was admitted in Sir Gangaram Teaching Hospital under the care of Doctor Manish a neurologist because of the stroke she suffered. And the father had a prolonged eye problem, he had a surgery in Kaduna and they rendered one of his eye useless so I said he too should come and let him get checked. See picture of hospital addimission.

3) You have done so much to this family where did it go wrong?

You see no body will do this to my mum and then I start a fight with that person, my mum will deal with me seriously. You can't do wrong and include my mum, she will do the right thing even if you will die,but this case the mother was helpless cos they do only what their children tell them to do because they feed them. My mum if you feed her or not she will do the right thing, even if she will go hungry. And they lie a lot this guys, yes they lie a lot

4) Has he finished paying your 16.5?

Not yet we are still in court the case is even coming up on the 16/4/2014.

5) Will you forgive him now that the mother is dead?

Is not about forgiveness because Mummy is dead. Please don't join the two issues together.
That is Business , investment how can I forget such an amount? Business with me is Business and gift is gift. This money was investment for my Children and he most pay it, as simple as that. But I wish Ngozi Gladys Okelue peace ( RIP )