Budding Singer, NonnyD Dreams Fally Ipupa Collabo, Shoots New Video With SolidStar

Source: Edith Elekwachi/Nigeriafilms.com

Chukwunonso Dominion Ebene, popularly known as NonnyD, is one promising act maing waves in the Southeast region of Nigeria.

The Enugu State-born musical artiste, who currently resides in Lagos, having relocated to the 'aquatic city', released his first single 'Off The Ground' in the year 2012 and thereafter dropped a self produced club banger, 'No Going Away' in 2009.

In 2012, the Bluesky Entertainment first son collaborated with Highlife superstar, Wizboy, on his single 'Your Photo', and then in 2013, released a hit banger and his latest tune 'Sade', which he featured popular Afro-pop act, Solidstar on the remix.

In an exclusive chat with Nollywoodgists.com at the scene of the video shoot of 'Sade Remix', produced and directed by Aje Filmworks (the director of Davido's 'Aye'), the hip-life act shares the journey of his music career, family, lifestyle and also opens up on his relationship with Solidstar.

Can you tell us who you are?
Actually, it is me, myself and I, Nonso is for Nonny, and D stands for Dominion, my other name. I am from the Ibo tribe, 'na-ata abacha na anu-nshi' (I eat the Igbo African salad and bush meat).

What is your genre of music?
I do hip-life song and my latest song, 'Sade', is hip-life. It was termed high-life in the olden days and hip-life in our modern day where certain things are in-fused. It is not a pure highlife, but I am definitely going to be bringing the Igbo thing and flavour in my style of music.

Who listen to your kind of music?
I am marketing everybody and targeting everybody in the market. A lot of people these days love and enjoy high-life song, high-life is where music is.

How true is that
I have a proof to it, should I start calling out names?

I don't want to call too many names, but Fela is an example, Osadebe is another, Oliver De Coque, and when you bring it down to our generation, there are the likes of Wizboy and Flavour. Most of all these artistes that do more of party songs are now bringing it home to highlife. This is because they have come to understand and feel that highlife is an evergreen genre of music.

How has your song with SolidStar faired?
I made the remix of 'Sade' song with Solidstar last year, I dropped the song in August and it has been doing so well, it's been making hits in the market.

What is the relationship between you and Solidstar?
When I met him, I told him I would want him to be on one of my songs amongst the two I brought to him. He listened to the first song, and he asked for the other to be played, and then said, 'Nonny, give me this song (the second song), let us work on this song. This is the kind of song I like doing, songs that have rhythm'. I was like seriously? He answered yes!

Looking at your hairdo, were you inspired by Solidstar's hairstyle?
No, there is nothing like Solidstar in my hair. Solidstar wears dreads, while mine is little bit of braids and Mohawk; it is a different trend on my own.

Are you currently signed to any record label?
No, I am not. I run my own label called Bluesky Entertainment. It is my own and I have a manager called Target Ogadinmma, we co-run the label together, more like a co-business. I am not signed to any record label for now.

Would you be ready to grab another offer?
Yes. And apart from having the passion for music, you still want the money. If I get a better offer, I could go for it. But, music is my passion.

Is this your first single?
No. I dropped an album in 2009 with Toplinks Music when I was still in the group and we were still growing. Actually, it was more like a demo album. After then, in 2012, I dropped a single 'Off The Ground' and shot the video then, it made waves.

Who are the artistes you wish to collabo with?
Well, apart from the Nigerian artistes, I am looking up to working with Fally Ipupa on the remix of a song I am currently working on, probably in the next three months after 'Sade remix' video drops, my next song will be released.
When did your music career start?
It started in 2005, not professionally though. I started professionally in 2009 and dropped an album then. In 2011, I signed out from the label (Toplinks). In 2012, I dropped a new single which is 'Off The Ground' and it turned up well.

Where are you presently based?
I was formerly based in the East (Enugu), but I now live in Lagos.

What is your fashion style?
I like the local 'Ankara' style. I am not too good with corporate wears, but you would catch me on some days wearing it. I love casuals too, I am a casual person. My hairstyle is my brand.

What is your family background?
I am the second child from a family of five.

Are you married or in a relationship?
Nooo. I'm not in a relationship.

So how do you handle female fans?
I treat them well, they give me love and I reciprocate.

What should be expected from you in the future?
Yeah, apart from being 'badder' in my music business, I am going to be very big in Africa, in the world, strictly as a musician with my music.

What other things would you like to be identified with?
I am an emotional type; everything that happens around me inspires me.

What message do you have for your fans?
To all of my fans, keep looking up for me, I will never disappoint. I want them more than they want me and I pray to almighty God to keep them for me. I love them more than they love me; I cherish them more than they do.