Challenges Of Life (4)

Prayer is just what you need now to get out of that situation. I mean a sincere, word-based and sustained petition to heaven. Challenges of life call for prayers. Even if you have been praying before, now you must increase your spiritual fire power. And this is exactly what I do. When I'm praying and the situation seems to get tougher, I increase the level and duration of my prayer, until I have my breakthrough. That's what is called PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens).Yes, it can sometimes get tougher, rougher and confusing as you pray, but don't give up. Pray until you see that your desire, your freedom, your vision come to pass. Please let's go back to King Jehoshaphat's prayer.

He started by praising and magnifying the name of God. Yes, that is the right place to start. If you want to always have touch to God's heart and power, learn how to praise Him. He dwells and manifests in the praises of His people. The most powerful people I have seen both in the bible and in the contemporary church are simply those that have mastered the act of praise. When you praise God, you endear yourself to Him and receive His grace, presence and power. When you praise God, you unleash His indisputable sovereignty over all creation and circumstances. When you praise Him, you automatically render Satan, his evil hosts and all your adversaries powerless and confused.

Space will not allow me to elaborate on these as will be found in that my monumental war manual – book called Power of Midnight Prayer. Just look at David. Through praise he became a man after God's heart and the most powerful king of Israel. God gave him an everlasting throne and an honor to be the progenitor of the messiah. And he told us that the secret is thanksgiving, praise, worship, sacrifice and humility. In fact, he said that he will enter God's gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. That's correct! Praise will open the doors and gates of heaven, and God's heart any day any time.

Jehoshaphat told God that He is most powerful, almighty, dependable and consistent. He called Him the ruler, the king of all the kingdom of all the earth. Wow! Can you beat that? Yes, though there was an imminent danger, but he still took his time to praise, worship and eulogize Jehovah – the God of Israel. No wonder God refused to disappoint him. There are people that God cannot disappoint. Even when He is not prepared to do a thing, because of them He will act. True! Or you can go and ask Prophet Samuel. It was not time for rains to come and he told Israel so, but still went ahead to call fort the rain and God had no choice than to honor Him. And immediately the rain came with great wind and thunder storms. He honors those that honor Him! A praise and worship monger will move the hands of God even at odd times.

Now, can you take time off your complain and begin to worship and praise Him? Take off your eyes from that situation and praise Him. He is and will forever remain the Almighty, most powerful, Alpha and Omega; the maker and keeper of all things. With or without those challenges, He will remain God. I see Him intervening in that you situation now. Yes, you are coming back with a great testimony in the mighty name of Jesus! Start and remain in the mood of praise and worship. We will continue next week. God bless!

Rev. Agbo is the author of the book Power of Midnight Prayer and a minister with the Assemblies of God Nigeria. Tel: 08037113283. E-mail: [email protected]

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