Back to Gondwanaland - Akhil Bakshi's travelogue on the Gondwanaland Expedition is OUT!

By Odyssey Books

Back to Gondwanaland brings alive the Gondwanaland Expedition's momentous journey from the Indian Himalaya to Cape Agulhus, the southernmost tip if Africa. The book is a charming and hilarious account of the adventures of the expedition as it drives through regions affected by political instability, civil wars, terrorism, banditry, famine and bird flu. The narrative is liberally spiced with entertaining anecdotes, deft portraits and brisk judgments. History and current affairs are cleverly inter-linked and seen from a fresh perspective: Palestinians and Jews are both shown as squatters in the Holy Land; and the story of how the Persians saved Judaism from extinction is recalled from the dustbin of history. The book questions the theory of man's origin in Africa and his subsequent migration to other parts of the planet – and provides fresh insight in support of the theory of parallel evolution. It exposes the myth of legendary leaders of Asia and Africa who have guided their country's inexorable decline. Brilliant descriptions of mesmerising landscapes and colourful tribals, and the joys and hardships of adventure are portrayed in arresting detail. The book is a fascinating exploration of West Asia and Africa.

The brisk style and sheer force of the book's humour reaches out to a wide audience. Readers will close the book exhilarated and informed, and ready to set off on a solid 4-wheel drive.

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