Secret Behind My Emergence As Miss Centenary ….

Source: Alayande Dayo -
25-year-old Queen, model, who represented Imo, her home state, was one of the contestants generously applauded by the select guests at the Miss Centenary pageant held in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State .Miss Queen beat 20 other equally pretty contestants to emerge victorious at the pageant organised as part of activities marking Nigeria's Centenary anniversary. Recently, she had a chat with our correspondent , as she discloses secret behind her victory and other sundary issues .Enjoy .
Who actually encouraged you to go for the pageant?
Actually, it was a friend that told me to try it and when I got home I told my mum about it and I told her that I don't want to go for it but she said you know what just try it and I said am not prepared for it she was like things you don't prepare for sometimes turn out to work out for you. So my mum was actually the person who encouraged me to go for the pageant
How was your growing up life like?
I was brought up in a Christian home, not only Christian home but born again family. We are two, just me and my brother . We are members of deeper life church. So for the fact that I won pageant doesn't mean I was wayward. And I will ever remain grateful to my parent for giving me a decent upbringing. Though it hasn't been easy to be a responsible girl but my parents make sure that they create a good relationship between me and them. And I will advice every mother that they should always try their best to make sure that they have good and close relationship with their children.
It's true that I grew up as a deeper life member but that didn't stop me from achieving my goal and that was because of the way I was brought up . You wouldn't believe that I have to ask for my parent permission before peasing my ear at the age of twelve. So am so grateful to them.
Can you describe the journey to the throne?
It was an interesting one. It is by God's grace and His favour that I won the crown. Of course, I worked hard and put my mind into the contest, but I believe my emergence as the queen is the Lord's doing. I want to use this opportunity to tell the other girls who contested for the Centenary crown to keep pushing on. They need not to give up. We are all queens, so I believe that each of the girls who contested will do great things in the near future.
How old are you and are you still leaving with your parent?
I am twenty five years and I'm still leaving under my parents
How did you feel when you were announced as the winner?
I was overwhelmed with emotions. I was shocked. I am an emotional person, so I wasn't surprised when I felt tears in my eyes. I must say that wining the pageant is the best thing that has happened to me. It is my greatest achievement. I feel so great.
Who do you prefer between mum and dad?
Hmm, I know a lot of girls will pick their mothers. But for me, I love both of my parents equally. I can't live without either of them. Sometimes, I run to my mum for advice. Other times, it is my dad I turn to them when I am in need. Like I said earlier, I love both my mother and father dearly and I will do all I can to make them happy.
You are in for a long reign as you are queen until the next 100 years. What plans do you have for Nigerians during the years?
I will take a step at a time. The most important thing is for me not to lose focus. I believe that there is so much to be done to make Nigeria and the entire world a better place; I definitely will be doing a lot in the years to come. Presently I am working on my pet project which is trying to help Nigerian girls in terms of education because if you go to some part of the country you will see that some Nigerian girls do not have roper education and they need to be protected so am working on that for now .
How do you relax?
I am an indoor person. I love to watch movies, listen to music and I enjoy reading books. I also enjoy playing board games with my siblings.
As an indoor person, how would you cope with your new role as a queen because people will always want to invite you to different events?
Without a doubt, winning the crown signals a new beginning for me. I definitely will adjust. I am excited about winning the crown. I will try my possible best to make sure that I do what I can to meet up with expectations.
How has it been working with Nike Osinowo, any plan of working with her now that you are queen?
Sure I do. She is such an amazing person. I am glad I met her. She was with us all through our rehearsals. She held our hands; she gave us a lot of support. I have no doubt that it will be great working with her. In fact, I look forward to it.