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According to media reports coming from Ghana, actress Juliet Ibrahim is experiencing some major trouble in her marriage. The voluptuous actress is married to Kwadwo Safo and they have a child together.
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Today Ghanaian newspaper “Razz Newspaper” is reporting, that they got hold of an e-mail from an unnamed source which claims that the actress's marriage is on the rocks. The source indicates that Juliet Ibrahim's lavish spending and frequent traveling has put a strain on the marriage and her husband is considering divorce.
I can't get over the fact that the newspaper is called “Razz”…like really?!

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The couple has also not been seen spending time together for special occasions as Juliet was said to have been absent during her husband's birthday party organized in late February 2014 in Ghana and the husband was also absent when Juliet celebrated her birthday in Nigeria in March 2014. Ironically, Juliet's two sisters, Nadia and Sonia flew to Nigeria to surprise her on her birthday, but Mr. Safo was no where to be seen.

When “Razz” Newspaper contacted Juliet Ibrahim's husband, Mr. Safo on the veracity of the speculation; he responded with laughter and disclaimed the rumor as false. According to him, he did organize a birthday party somewhere in Adenta and confirmed the absence of his wife at the party. He however attributed her wife's absence to some engagements she had in Nigeria, including a movie shoot. He asserted that, he never discusses his marriage with other people so he is baffled as to why such a story can be linked to his marriage. “When did you ever hear me speak in public? The only time I speak is when the issue concerns my business,” he stated. “I will say it again that the rumour is not true. She was not at my party because she had a lot to do in Nigeria,” he explained.

The paper also contacted Juliet Ibrahim but unlike her hubby, her response was quite abrasive. “Do you know how often I am with my family? Why would anybody want to say that acting is taking much of my time and away from my family,” she queried.

She went on to prove that she spends time with her family by stating – “As am speaking with you, I am with my family.”
Juliet went on to explain her absence from her husband's birthday party; “22nd February is not my husband's birthday. He chose to have his party on that day but his birthday is 24th February and I was with him that day. I was not at the party because I was in Nigeria, shooting. his party was supposed to be meant for him and his friends to celebrate and make merry – are you trying to say, he can't have fun with friends because he's married?”

In conclusion, Juliet had a stern admonition for people prying in her marriage; “I think people should mind their own business and worry about better things affecting the industry.

I have noticed that the actress has been spending a lot of time in Nigeria, and attending events without her husband, but maybe he doesn't like the spotlight. I hope the reports about Juliet Ibrahim's marriage are untrue. Going through a troubling marriage cannot be fun! If it is true I sincerely hope her and her husband work it out!