Top Nigerian Celebrities That Married ‘Tear Rubber’ husbands

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When I think about a wedding dress style, I've always thought of a strapless bridal gown with a lace sleeves jacket on it. Something like what the Nigerian bride love to wear. This is because some ladies wouldn't want to wear a wedding gown with an all open shoulder. They don't think it will be comfortable on them.

You will have to always be worried if your bo*bs are falling out and using your hand all the time to drag up the dress instead of concentrating on my big day.

But I'm not limited to that style just as you're not. There are different options of wedding gowns with sleeves and different ways a bride can incorporate the sleeves to make sure it looks gorgeous and comfortable. With a wedding dress just like any dress, when choosing a style, you have to consider the following:

The weather or season: Sleeves may not be as comfortable on you during the dry season when the weather is very hot. But then, it also depends on the type of material you choose to use for the sleeves. The material you use can make all the difference.

Your comfort: Will you feel comfortable?

Trend: If it matters to you. For me, I've never gone for what is in trend when I'm deciding on what to wear.

Appropriate: I've seen wedding dress styles that are not appropriate for a wedding reception especially not the wedding ceremony.

Your Taste: The wedding dress is the most important thing for the bride. Fortunately there are unlimited styles available to you to pick from or use as inspiration to come up with something unique for you.