I never said my people will suffer if I don't return to the Senate - Ndoma-Egba

By Michael Jegede

Senate Majority Leader, Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba has rebutted recent
media reports supposedly quoting him as saying members of his
constituency will suffer, if he is not returned in 2015 for the fourth
term as the representative of Cross River Central Senatorial District
in the Senate.

The Senator known for his vibrancy in the Red Chamber made the
rebuttal while speaking to some newsmen who took him up on the issue.
His words: "I never said so, I never did. If you know how I speak, you
would know that couldn't have come from me. I never said that and
would never say such.

"I don't even recall the interview. They said I had the interview on a
Sunday. I remember that on that particular Sunday, I went to Mass at 8
am and came back at 10 and went into my study. I was in my study till
4 pm when I came downstairs to eat and I received the first set of
visitors at about 6pm. And there was no journalist among all the
visitors I received that day. So I didn't grant audience for such an
interview and did not say such about my constituents.

"Why would I say such about my constituents when I am not God? So what
if I die today, would I say they would suffer let alone if I do not
return to the Senate? Are they trying to say if I die today, my people
would not continue to exist? If you know the kind of person I am, you
should know I cannot make such a senseless statement which nobody
should make about anyone no matter how important you think you are to

Ndoma-Egba, who recently won the 'Lawmaker of the year 2013 award',
added that his stay in the Senate from 2003 till date has been the
prerogative of the people of Cross River Central, noting that it is
the same people that will decide whether he will return in 2015 or

According to him, he has never been desperate for power or public
office and all he needs to do is make himself available for service,
which he said he has always done in order to make use of whatever
influence and voice given to him by God for the benefit of his people.
The astute parliamentarian further stated that he would remain in
politics and continue to contribute his quota to the development of
Nigeria, his state and community, regardless of his being reelected in
2015 or not.