Nadia Buari Acquires Magnificent House In Accra, Delves Into Fashion Business

Source: Edith Elekwachi/

CEO Spicy Chrysalis Adaeze Adophy a life coach, graphic designer, author, jewelry designer and so on, was the chief speaker at the Top celebrities women leadership conference held yesterday and themed 'Transforming ideas into wealth'.

Her Brain-child Spicy chrysalis represents a mindset that is growth focused, change conscious and willing to speak, be positive, to inspire and cause to yield. A self made sanctuary, a place for change and growth deeply concerned with meaningful transformations, creating empowered personalities, dynamic leaders and individuals through life coaches.

At the event, she spoke on the paramount reasons as to the limitations of women transforming ideas to wealth in her remarks, she stated most women aren't connected t the idea, have not transformed the idea thereby cant translate to another person so they can buy it; but instead most women are so involved with the frivolous things of life such as; whose hair is longest?, who is carrying the most expensive hair? And all these are why “we don't trust ourselves”.

While making her speech at the event, she led us through how it all started and worked for her, the coe reason being she had a passion for people doing the right things and wants them presenting themselves properly because so many people have ideas but do not know how to transform it.