Monalisa Chinda’s Glowing Post-Breakup Look At Lagos Fashion Show

Source: Edith Elekwachi/

Beautiful, flawless, Fashionista and CEO of Bomarah Investments Hajia Bola Muse is really a paragon of beauty and role model when it comes to achievements. Her commitment and success as a businesswoman lands her an achiever. She is a widow who has affected lives of other widows, motherless children and the physically challenged.

At the Top Celebrity women leadership conference held yesterday at the niteshift coliseum, hajia expressed disgust over low turnout of celebrities women at the occasion gave insights on how to build ideas and urged women in the rediscovering of them. According to her, you must discover yourself because when you discover yourself, you will know what to do, thereby, the need to set goals in life, else all will be futile.

Speaking on, she told the story of how she started her business after she got married at an adolescent age and lost her husband at the age of 25. In the need to promote and support mankind, not comfortable and hates seeing people crying and suffering, she had set up, the Bomarah Foundation. Her reasons are; she has passed through the corridors of poverty, knows what is like to be a widow and the threats she passed through her in-laws summons it up. Thus, she told God 'if you bless me, I will not conceal it'.

Hajia is currently an executive member of the government approved freight forwarders.