Abacha Award: There Is Honour Among Thieves

Source: pointblanknews.com

For the pious leaders, more was at stake and more was expected. They slept hungry unless they were assured that all their subjects had eaten. This was because they knew they will be held to account for misappropriating the people's food if they ate while their subjects went to bed hungry. People used to run away and avoid positions of power for this very reason. Today we sign-up for executive suits and accommodation in hell by patronizing clear thieves, because they are 'of our clan,' or 'did something.' The only clan thieves and supporters of thieves belong to is the clan of the burning hell fire, be they government thieves or armed robbers. There is no honor here and nothing to defend, except among the thieves themselves. So if you defend a thief because you believe he is your 'brother' or 'clansman' then know what brotherly and clan relationship you share. The brotherhood of evil and clan of the doomed. It is a shame that thieves are now celebrated. Let them steal but cower in shame or hide away, but honour and awards for thieves only comes from thieves because today there is great honor among Nigeria's thieves.

These are now very evil times.
Dr. Peregrino Brimah
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