House Of Reps To Investigate Eagles' Brazil 2014 Jerseys


The House of Representatives Committee on Sports have criticized the colours of the recently unveiled Nigeria national team jersey and threatened to carry out a probe to ascertain why the traditional colours were not selected by the manufacturers.

The Chairman of the Committee, Godfrey Gaiya, while expressing his dissatisfaction with the new kit faulted the shade of green used, stating that, it is contrary to the traditional national colours.

“For me, the green is not our national colour, I would have preferred the green that we know, I would have preferred the colour that is in our flag, but again, those that designed it have their reasons which they have explained.”

Gaiya's ire with the new kit is borne-out of the suspicion that the colours may have been influenced by a Nigerian telecommunications company, who are one of the major corporate sponsors of the national teams.

“I would not know whether the company influenced the choice of the colour of the new Super Eagles jersey, but we will look into it and whatever we find out we will let the world know,” he said.

Source: New Telegraph